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About Us

Our Mission Statement:

Amazing Aussies is dedicated to rescuing Lethal White Australian Shepherds and matching them with  new
forever families while raising awareness to eradicate Merle-to-Merle breeding through educational programs



What are Lethal Whites?  The term 'Lethal White' applies to more that just the Australian Shepherd.  Great Danes, Border Collies, Catahoulas, Shelties, Collies, Dachshunds, and any other breed that has the 'Merle' gene has the potential to be a Lethal White.  Click here for an informational brochure we have developed to give you a better understanding of what the term Lethal White means. 

  Donations to Amazing Aussies may be submitted in one of the following three ways:

Mail to-

Amazing Aussies Lethal White Rescue of Arizona
PO Box 31245
Mesa, AZ  85275


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Our Founders:

Lorraine Ayres

About Lorraine & Gang - coming soon!



Jim and Deana Kilgos

  Jim and Deana w/ Kaile (up on chair), Maggie, Chico, and Chloe

  Jim with Chloe and Kaile,  Deana with Maggie

  Deana with Maggie, Kaile and Chloe doing a school presentation

  Deana and Jim with Maggie at a school presentation

  Deana at the beach with Maggie, Kaile, and Chloe


About Jim and Deana:

Jim and Deana have been rescuing Lethal White Aussies for almost 10 yrs.  Amazing Aussies was started in 2005 with the help of their rescue partner, Lorraine.
Besides the numerous foster dogs currently in their household, they have 3 dogs of their own.   Kaile is an Australian Cattle Dog/ Border Collie and their first rescue dog adopted in Salt Lake City, UT from the Humane Society.  Maggie is a deaf/blind Australian Shepherd mix.  She is responsible for teaching them about Lethal Whites and ultimately starting Amazing Aussies Rescue. Read more about Maggie by clicking here.  Chloe is a deaf Australian Shepherd and was adopted from AAWL where she was originally an unclaimed rescue from the Rodeo-Chediski fire zone.  Jim and Deana also have Amazing Aussies' Ambassador Chica as part of their rescue family.


Some of our Volunteers at Work: (coming soon)




Contact information - Email - interested in adopting?  Or have a question about adopting? - interested in volunteering or fostering? - general questions?

 If you have questions, please send us an e-mail.


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