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Amazing Feets

This is the place to find the Amazing Feets of Aussies across the USA.


  There are so many special babies that have touched all our lives.  Each one is unique in their own right. 
Below are links to their stories, and pictures of their "Amazing Feets". 
Please check back on a regular basis.  We will update this page as we receive additional stories.

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  Our Featured Feets:






  Another proud graduate of Basic Obedience Class!  As you can see, being blind and deaf did not prevent
  Keely from wearing her graduation cap!

  You can read more about Keely on our Waggin' Tails page.and see baby pictures of her on Keely's page.



Angel Burgundy


  My story is of Angel Burgundy, a pure breed Australian Shepherd. We first met this little ball of white fluff at
  Wasatche Animal Rescue, part of a Salt Lake City retail pet supply store, Yuppie Puppie. She crawled into
  my partner's lap and all uncertainty about her future was forgotten. But our little Angel is "special," she's what is
  called a "lethal white." She is completely deaf and has limited sight. We had no idea what we were getting into
  when we brought her into our existing pack of three dogs (all with their own set of physical problems).

    click here to read Angel's story!





 There is this little girl, a lethal white, they call her, a poor choice for a breeding encounter.  This little girl sat straight
  up and I caught her out of the corner of my eye.  I had heard of these dogs and their “issues”…..felt bad for them,
  but certainly could not ever adopt one. What would I do with a deaf and sight impaired dog?  


   click here to read Madison's story!


Mad Max



 I’m not quite sure where to start Max’s saga. It all started one day when I was checking my e-mail and found a
 plea for foster homes. Five lethal white pups (7 weeks) were about to be drowned if not rescued. I called my
 husband and it must have touched a nerve because he said we could foster one of the puppies. Not ever having   
 experience with a deaf or blind dog, I wasn’t sure I was ready, but I was sure that I didn’t want them hurt.

   click here to read Max's story!







  Meet Maggie!  Ever have one of those life changing turning points?  Well Maggie was ours.  Back in 1999 we took a trip back to the Midwest to visit family.
  We had semi-retired....and were full timers in our only RV...and had our travelling companion, Kaile.   My sister wanted to visit a neighboring
  farm that had puppies to see about adding another to their family.  Who could resist playing with puppies?  Not me!  And these were cute little Aussie mixes.
  While playing with the little ones, I noticed a white puppy all by herself and went over to investigate.  I picked her up and immediately noticed her eyes were
  not normal.  No wonder she was not with the other pups...she was blind!  She was happy to oblige me with an overabundance of kisses and puppy breath!
  Immediately I felt a connection with her...and knew that for some reason....she was to be with me.   I had no idea why I felt this way, but it was an urgent need
  to be with her.  So Jim and I talked to the owners, agreed that a blind puppy would not do well on a farm (goes to show what we knew then!!) and we travelled
  back to Salt Lake City, UT with a new 5 wk old puppy named Maggie.   And boy....did she steal our hearts!  It wasn't until a couple weeks later that we
  discovered she was deaf as well.  The vet advised us to "put her down"....she would have no life and would not be able to function with any quality of life.
  Lots of tears and the ultimate answer was NO.   She just seemed too full of life and happiness.  So started the research on deaf/blind dogs and the discovery
  of "Lethal Whites".  Who knew there were others like her out there?   We knew her mother to be part merle Aussie and her father to be a pure merle Aussie.
  We contacted her previous owners who had no idea why this had happened.  They had their dogs spayed/neutered as another pup in the same litter had
  been born deaf.  He had found already found a happy home.

  Maggie was so easy to work with.  She learned easily sit, stay, down, come, shake, etc.  She never chewed up things she shouldn't, and was quickly
  housebroken.  Since we lived in the motorhome, she also learned not to exit without having her leash attached.  We surfed the internet to learn all about
  "lethal whites" and after moving to AZ, discovered a rescue (Aussielads) that had lethal white pups in foster care.  We decided to buy a home and shortly
  after, started in their foster program.  One thing led to another....and we decided a rescue needed to exist for Lethal Whites.  Amazing Aussies was "born".

   We still have our "retirement" motorhome...we use it now as a quarantine and an infirmary when needed.  We both work full time.   Who has time to retire
   with all the Education that still needs to be done?  Maggie has been our inspiration and had we not found each other that day years ago....who knows where
   we would be now or what would have happened to all those lethals we have brought into the rescue and with the help of our foster homes and volunteers....were
   adopted into their own forever homes.  And of course there is the education that has been many more were saved by "prevention" or by other rescues?

  Yes...Maggie was meant to come to us that day and through us became a guardian angel of sorts for hundreds of others.  She has traveled from Calilfornia to
  the Carolinas, from Michigan to Texas and all points in between.  She's been hiking and camping, played in the snow and swam in the oceans.  Not bad for a dog
  that the one vet told us would never have quality of life! 




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