Mad Max

by-his mom, Amy

Iím not quite sure where to start Maxís saga. It all started one day when I was checking my
e-mail and found a plea for foster homes. Five lethal white pups (7 weeks) were about to
be drowned if not rescued. I called my husband and it must have touched a nerve because
he said we could foster one of the puppies. Not ever having experience with a deaf or
blind dog, I wasnít sure I was ready, but I was sure that I didnít want them hurt.

A couple of weeks later the puppies arrived in AZ. We went to pick up Max and bring him
home (By the way, we were remodeling at the time so Max thought it was great fun to
"help" tear out carpet and stuff!). Max met his sister Ali, a white Boxer who wouldnít leave
him alone (boy has that changed!).

After a few restless nights, Max fit in just fine, despite the fact that some walls were
coming down and others were going up all around him. Max went to obedience class
and graduated at the top of his class and this was with dogs that could hear!

One day the rescue called and said they had a potential family for Max. This was when
we realized we couldnít give him up! We failed at being a foster family and adopted
him ourselves.

Max is now 1 Ĺ years old and a very big boy of about 67 pounds! He is active in agility
and hopes to be in a show ring soon!

He has picked up on everyday life and hand signals so well, most people who meet him
donít even know he doesnít hear. I truly donít think our house would be complete without
our "little" Mad Max.


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