by-Madison's Mom

There is this little girl, a lethal white, they call her, a poor choice for a breeding encounter.  This little girl sat straight
up and I caught her out of the corner of my eye.  I had heard of these dogs and their “issues”…..felt bad for them, but certainly could not ever adopt one. What would I do with a deaf and sight impaired dog?  No thanks, too scared to attempt this feat.  But, as the day progressed at the adoption event, for some reason I continued to be drawn to her,
and finally thought, oh what harm can there be in meeting the poor little thing, she is just too cute to avoid.  And then
I was HOOKED!!!!!  Someone had failed to tell her she had some disabilities.  She was PERFECT……..I HAD to
bring her home – she would fit in so well with my two other “normal” Aussies.

I tossed and turned that night, but the next morning I found myself online, filling out an adoption application.  I won’t
pass I thought, I’m not educated enough about what to do with her, as I am sure there are all kinds of different rules
etc in living with a DEAF dog not to mention sight impaired too.

OH NO, they responded, and are coming out to visit me and my other two Aussies.  What was I thinking??? 
 I can’t do this !!!  She needs so much more than I can give her.  Forget it Sue, are you crazy?????

Are they crazy????  They said I would be IDEAL, no they’re wrong, I’m scared, too scared to do this!!!!!

Here she is, she is really here, with me, with us, learning to go up the stairs, kissing me, loving me.  I finally get it,
all Madison needs is LOVE, no special things, she is a dog, like any other dog.  I talk to her with my hands and my
mouth, the mouth is for me, the hands are for her.

She is IDEAL!!!!!  I am so blessed to have her in my life.  She is easier than my two other “normal” Aussies. After
all, what is being deaf and not seeing perfect abnormal? Madison doesn't think so and neither do I. 
She’s not different, she is PERFECT, all she wants, all she needs, is LOVE, a piece of cake Madison, as you
have so patiently taught me.

You won’t be doing them a favor, you’ll be doing yourself a favor in having them in your life. The world, my world,
is a better place because of Madison.


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