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Amazing Aussies assist with TV promo's for 12 k's of Christmas event in Gilbert, AZ

See TV3 12 k's of  Christmas promo video - click here!

My  Fox Phoenix 12 K's Christmas promo video - 2 clips - click  here!






Congratulations to Belgium!

1st place winner for Rescue Dog Story of the year at the Cynosports Games held at Westworld!


Some of you may recognize Belgium as Gizmo when she was with Amazing Aussies.  Belgium was
adopted by a wonderful family and is now a Pets On Wheels therapy dog at long-term care centers
and the Virginia G Piper Cancer Center. 


Here is Belgium's story:

4-year old Belgium came to Amazing Aussies in August 2008. She was turned in by her owner for "not
getting along with another pet" and was thought of as disposable. Belgium is also deaf and blind, so she
was scheduled for euthanasia. The alternative placement volunteer placed a last ditch call to Amazing Aussies,
and we took her into our foster program. She went to a wonderful foster home, who a month later, decided to
make Belgium a permanent part of their family. Belgium has gone through a therapy dog assessment program
and is now making people happy just by being herself. She travels to local hospitals and long term care
facilities.  Her family reports that "Belgium is very responsive to sick and elderly people and really seems to
shine at her job. She is truly blessed for this job and has made a difference in many peoples' lives. She also
educates family members who have dogs, many of them Australian Shepherds, about the results of
Merle-to-Merle breeding. Her disability has opened many peoples' eyes."

In November, Belgium was the winner of Cynosport's Rescue Success contest!

We are so proud of Belgium and all that
she does for others.





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November 2009

December 2009




Amazing Aussies Lethal White Rescue of Arizona
is chosen as "Best Of the Valley" in the September Issue of Phoenix Magazine!!

click here to see article

In case you wondered..the beautiful boy pictured is Jaxon (aka Snow)
A big thank you to his mom, Gloria, for the submission!!




   Thank you to everyone that voted for us in Rachael Ray's Mutt Madness contest. 
   Although we are no longer in the running for the $50,000, we are grateful to have been chosen initially
   and for getting into the second round!!








Be sure to check out the article in the August 2008 Dog Fancy magazine about a wonderful lethal named Dakota!
Amazing Aussies is mentioned as the rescue contact.
(*note- an error was made in the article.  AA was a resource for Dakota's mom, but was not adopted from AA as indicated)





Click here to see our interview and some of our puppies on Channel 5....6/27/08




                                    Click here to see our Amazing Aussies' interview on 5/18/08 with Channel 3!!

Amazing Aussies recently worked with Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, UT along
 with the Thompson River Animal Care Shelter in Thompson Falls, Montana to help a very special puppy.  

Click here to read Kayla's story on Best Friends web site.....

Be sure to share your thoughts and experiences with Lethal Whites by posting a comment on their web site.
It's a great forum to tell the world how great these dogs really are!!

Special Needs Pup Makes Headlines in Beaufort!  April 1, 2006

Karen Anderson, with the Lethal White Aussie Rescue in South Carolina was overjoyed with the publicity her very first 2006 Spring Fling held in Beaufort on April 1st!

Karen posted to the rescue group "Our Very Own Rosalie is THE RESCUE STORY OF THE 2006 SPRINGPETFLING!"
Rosalie was one of the lucky ones -- she was found wandering aimlessly at a truck stop when animal control picked her up. Maureen Dellolio, operator of Our Lady of Mercy's Catnip Cottage in Summerville, said the agency's routine procedure is euthanasia for deaf and blind dogs, but that they made an exception for Rosalie when they saw her wagging her tail in the parking lot after climbing a six-foot fence, escaping from her pen. Roasalie now has her forever home with Maureen where she is able to detect cancer and diabetes in the cats!

You can read the entire article at The Beaufort Gazette Online: Pet fling raises awareness, fun.

Tennessee Judge Slam Dunks Puppy Mill Owner!

Please note this is older news from 2002, but still worth sharing!

Memphis, Tenn. (USA) - Last week The Commercial Appeal reported on a recent Tennessee Court ruling that was "worthy of a standing ovation."

Animal cruelty doesn't always require baseball bats and knives. If you've ever heard the phrase "puppy mill", you know what I'm talking about. Las week an animal cruelty conviction was upheld by Judge Alan Glenn, rebuking the appeal of a couple from Humboldt who had bred and kept as many as 350 dogs sick and starving in filthy kennels.

Not only did Judge Glenn deal very sternly with the offenders, he delivered an excellent oratory that ought to be framed above the door of every court that handles animal abuse cases.

Go to the link at Dogs in the News to find out what he did!

  • With thanks to the Friends of Kern County Shelter Animals list where it was posted!

El Dorado Puppy Mill Bust, May 12, 2005

For the most current information on the El Dorado County Aussie puppy mill in Northern California, please visit the NorCal Aussie Rescue Puppy Mill Bust site.

You can help by writing the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors: Rusty Duprey, Helen Baumann, Jack Sweeny, Charlie Pane (CHAIR OF BOARD), and David Solaro.

Rescues pulled together to find loving homes for these dogs and now it's time to let the County know you want these people punished and the puppy mill shut down forever! At this time they are STILL selling puppies!

El Dorado County Board of Supervisors
330 Fair Lane
Placerville, CA 95667
(530) 621-5390
FAX (530) 622-3645


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