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  Other Rescue Organizations:

find, help, adopt a pet
Animals Benefit Club
ARPH OV NY and Catahoula Rescue, Inc., Special Needs Rep, Kim K.
NorCal Aussie Rescue
New Hope Cattle Dogs

Best Friends Animal Society

Animal Friends Rescue Project (AFRP)
CODA, Cleveland Ohio Dog Advocates

Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary

Mini Aussie Rescue & Support
Rock Rescue
Australian Shepherd Rescue of Utah
Rocky Ridge Refuge
Southwest Collie Rescue

Information Links about Lethal White Aussies:

What Are Lethal Whites?

A Simple Lesson in Aussie Genetics  by Kim K

Aussie Eye Defects

Whites and Pattern Whites

What's Wrong With White Aussies?  by CA Sharp

White Fright  by CA Sharp
Deafness in Dogs and Cats
Information complied by George M. Strain, PhD, Professor of Neuroscience, Louisana State University

This wonderful site has lots of good information about deafness in dogs and cats, the BAER hearing tests, and the News section has information on the pibald and merle gene. There is also a link to the GenMARK website that will do a DNA test for the double merle gene!


Deaf/Blind Dog Support:

Deaf Dog Education Action Fund

Owners of Blind Dogs

Handicapped Pets

Fun Pages:

Meet some other special needs pups with their own page!
Aussie Furbabies Rule!
Allicks and Gabriel's page....The Magical World of Lethal Whites
Kooper's World
My Name is Bumper
Cory's Home Page

Other Links:

Gabriel's Angels


A Dog's Life Photography & Art



The Photo Books Project -



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Dog Activities




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