Graduation Day!!

Welcome to Graduation Day.  Orson, Sammy, Patches and Deaf Angel graduation from beginning obedience class 2/3/2005.  Click on a picture to see the larger image.  All of the dogs in the class are deaf, and Orson is blind as well..  All commands are using American Sign Language (ASL) signs, and Orson is taught with touch commands  You will see all the babies wearing a "Halti".  This is not a muzzle, it is a training aid to help them learn to walk on a leash without pulling.  The Halti helps control the direction of their heads since they cannot watch you and walk, and you cannot use voice commands to help direct them.  The Halti applies mild pressure to their nose, and pulls their head down in order to redirect their energy.  Each dog had to perform a series of commands, including: a figure 8 on a loose leash, down-stay, sit-stay and wait.


Deaf Angel doing her figure 8

Sammy doing his down-stay


Patches doing her sit-stay

Orson waiting to be given the OK to take a cookie



The Graduates


Deaf Angel




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