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Coast to Coast Adoptions!!

 Check out all of these adoptions!   We love it when we can move our
 Coast to Coast postings to this page!

Sadly, there are also some dogs on this page that we are either unable to verify their
fate or they never found their forever home and were instead sent to the rainbow
bridge.  May they find the peace at the bridge which eluded them in life.

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 This deaf youngster was found wandering the streets with 2 other dogs.  Apparently her mother runs
  freely and is exposed to the elements.  Edel was born in a den her mother created to protect the

   Edel's vision seems pretty good although she does have one eye that 's a bit smaller than the other.
  She is great with other dogs and is primarily housebroken.  Edel is one sweet girl and loves to cuddle and
  is about 14 wks old.
  Edel is current on vaccinations and will be micro-chipped and spayed prior to adoption.

  If you are interested in adopting Edel, please contact Michelle at

                                               Edel is located in Littleton, Colorado





Fate Unknown

  Snowman is about 18 months old.  He is a medium size (40-50 lbs) boy that is partially deaf and blind.
  He is a very sweet boy that needs a forever home of his own!

  If you are interested in adopting Snowman, please contact Annanell at 843-537-7023.

  Snowman is located in South Carolina and is in foster care with the Paws and Claws Humane Society.

Snowman is in urgent need of a family to call his own!!

Click here to learn more about this sweet boy on Petfinder






  This very smart deaf boy is in need of a foster home.  Snapple is currently with a shelter
  that would like to place him with our rescue...but we need a foster home!
  Snapple is approximately a year old.  He looks to be an Aussie/Cattle dog mix.



  Willow is a little timid and sweet deaf girl.  She is about 6-8 months old.

 Willow has been adopted by a great family prior to coming to Amazing Aussies






Fate Unknown

  Meet Speck.  What a beautiful boy!  Speck is blind, but hears very well.  He was living his young puppy
  life in an outside pen.  Speck had managed to get out and was lost for a few days.  Lucky for Speck,
  someone was looking out for him, and now he has a safe place to sleep, soak up some love, and start
  to enjoy life until his forever home is found.
  He does great with other animals and loves to be cuddled with. 

  Speck does currently get a bit overwhelmed with too much noise and stimulation.  He is also on
  daily seizure medicine.  He will be visiting the eye doc this week to have an evaluation done.

  Speck is located in Houston, Tx.
  If you are interested in adopting Speck and making him a part of your family, please contact us initially
  at Amazing






  Sadie is 10 yrs old and was relinquished to the HS in Reno, Nevada along with her cattle dog companion.
  Their "daddy"  now lives at a homeless shelter, and was not allowed to bring the dogs.  Sadie is primarily
  blind.  She can see light and shadows.  Sadie is also hearing impaired, seemingly can hear out of one ear.

  Sadie's true name was unknown, and sadly is the case with her friend.  She is 6 yrs old and badly
  malnourished.  Her skull bones are prominent.

  If you would like to adopt Sadie and/or her cattle dog friend, please contact:

  Marc A. Peralta
Dog Care Manager
Nevada Humane Society
2825 Longley Lane #B
Reno, NV 89502
775-856-2000 ext. 329

  Of course Amazing Aussies would be happy to assist with transportation if needed to Arizona.

  ** Note**status of cattle dog friend is unknown....





Fate Unknown

  Whitney is a 1 1/2 yr old spayed Australian Shepherd.  She is good with other dogs, horses, goats,
  chickens, and kids!  She is very sweet and loves attention.  She has always been an outside dog and
  will need to learn how to be indoors. 

  Whitney recently had an eye removed due to an injury.  She is current on vaccinations including rabies.

                    If you would like to give Whitney a forever home, please contact Valerie at:

                              or by phone at 623-465-4835

                                                  Whitney is located in New River, AZ


 Whitney was in a foster/adopt situation....but then lost when she escaped










   Well if I look tired,,,,I AM! Mom woke me up from the best nap ever and asked me to " Smile for the camera" Well since I can't hear OR see what a smile or camera might be I just sat and grumbled at her. I had just finished a full morning of playing with my buddies and romping around the yard, had a great big breakfast and thought, " a nap sounds GREAT!" That's when she woke me up. Now I'm not usually like that, but I just love my naps! You would too if could nap like I do.

   So what would you like to know?

   Why Tonka?  "Cause I like to plow through life.   My Life so far? I LOVE my life so far and look forward to every new day.   What have I learned lately? LOTS!!!! I know sit, stay and I've almost figured out down. I just discovered "the trail" and I love to walk with my pack in the forest. I'm a BIG, sweet, lovable guy who just wants a family that will love me, challenge me to be the best I can be and never, I mean NEVER feel sorry for me. I don't, and never plan to. All someone has to do is meet me and you'll be captivated by my marshmallow like lovability. I'm really not that different than any other dog, you just have to be more aware of my safety and I can't follow you without a leash. 

   Please feel free to call my foster mom with any questions you might have. She just LOVES to talk about me and I LOVE the belly rubs she gives "). Lorina Lopez 928-525-9533 or e-mail





   Pinto Bean is a neutered male Aussie (possible mix) who was born around March 27, 2008.
  Someone abandoned him behind the Pasadena, CA  Humane Society. He is deaf, his vision is good,
  and he's doing well in his foster home with 7 BIG dogs. His best friend is a Lab/Great Dane male!

  Bean is crate trained, housetrained, and loves to go for walks and retrieve the tennis ball. He is a very
  confident boy who has lots of energy and is doing well learning obedience with hand signals. He is
  currently spending time between Pasadena, CA and Seligman, AZ.

  Please contact Diane at Aussie Rescue SoCal, Inc. for adoption information. 626-319-3122






  Hi there, my name is Lester and I’m a 9 week old Aussie pup with a tail. 

  Now I know what you’re thinking, I’ve got a lot of white on me and that sometimes means that puppies
  are deaf.  Luckily for me, I can hear pretty good and I see perfectly, though I squint in the sunshine.  My
  hearing isn’t 100%, but I do respond when you talk sweet to me and come when called.

  My foster Mom says I need an Aussie aware home that knows the breed because I am a handful.  Like
  any Aussie pup, I’m bold and headstrong, so I need someone that can fill be up with obedience and

  I love giving puppy kisses and I do chew on some things, but I am a puppy, so please be patient with
  me.  Lester is fostered in Cumming, GA.  Please contact Rachael Eley at
  for more information.  An adoption fee does apply and we will require he be neutered.

  Before contacting us in regards to a dog, please complete an adoption application Adoption Application.  



Sadie & Sophie


  This 2 wonderful girls are currently with Texas Aussie Rescue.  Sadly, TARA will be discontinuing operations and need help with finding a loving home for Sadie & Sophie. 

     5 years old, 50 lb.

    Sadie & Sophie are sisters who came to us from the Brownwood, Texas Humane Society.

    These beautiful girls are blind and deaf as is the case with many Lethal Whites. But both are very
    happy and loving. Sadie seems to be a little more in need of personal attention, but both are playful. 

    Sophie is a little more independent at first and adapted to their new environment with us more easily,
    but once Sadie got her bearings, she has become more adventurous.

    They rely on each other very much as they have been companions since birth and would do best in a
    home where they could remain together. And while they get along very well with other dogs, it would be
    preferable to place them in a home with no other animals, as they will require considerable attention.
    It will take a very special home with the patience to allow them to become adjusted.
    These girls are both AMAZING!!!

    Both very well house-trained. They are both current with basic vaccinations, heartworm negative,
    and have been spayed.

                                FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please contact Stan:






  Harley is a 6 year old Red Tri Aussie that has Diabetes, he gets insulin everyday and is on W/D
  food to help him get the right nutrition. He does great and doesn't let this slow him down. He loves to
  play and go for walks. He loves everyone and is very sweet. He is good with other dogs but ones that
  don't play to rough for him. His eyes were effected so he doesn't have full vision he can see right in
  front of him but not at a long range. He is housebroken and crate trained. In fact he likes to sleep in his
  crate.  He is looking for a new family to give him a second chance and be his forever home.

  For more info please contact Jane at
602-930-9384 or email

                                    Harley is located in Payson, AZ






  All four of these puppies will act like any other dog/puppy and can live long, normal lives :-) They will
  make  excellent family dogs (they have had a lot of experience with children already)! They would love
  to join you on all your daily activities, have fun romping around with another dog, and will usually excel
  at they are an incredibly smart breed!!!

 There are two males and two females. There is one short-haired male and one long-haired male...there
  is one short-haired female and one long-haired female. The short-haired pups resemble Labs ;-) All
  four have varying degrees of hearing/vision loss, but function incredibly well :-)

  Dogs with some hearing impairment are great because they don't bark at every little sound (it is
  WONDERFUL)! Dogs with sight impairments also learn to get around just like any person who might
  be blind. They can do anything any other dog can do! You just have to be willing to love them and take
  care of them :-)

 Bunny (short-haired girl)
  Bunny is the smallest of the group. She is a snuggle bug, but timid. She does come out of her shell a
  little but, she likes it more if you let her sniff you or you stick your body against her nose.
*update* Bunny is in a foster home with a trainer and has learned to use a doggie door, play with toys,
   sit, and walk calmly on a leash.  She has come an amazingly long way and we are SO proud of her!

  Possum (long-haired girl)
  Every time we whistle, her ears perk up. She is a total lover and likes to kiss!!!

  Sheldon (short-haired boy)
  He likes to crawl right into your lap!
*update* Sheldon has just entered his foster home, so he is just learning to assimilate into "home life".
  We have no doubts he will go far in life, but truly needs a permanent home where he can learn, love,
  and grow!  Sheldon enjoys playing with balls, toys, and other dogs.

  Jasper (long-haired boy)
  He is very sweet and gives lots of kisses :) He is a little shy but warms up quickly.

  All four of these babies will be vaccinated, spayed/neutered, dewormed, and microchipped prior to
  going to their permanent homes. If you are interested in any of them, please fill out a questionnaire on
  the website below

These puppies are located in Anaheim, California







  My name is Angela, and I am looking for help for these 2 girls here in our shelter. They are both
  female siblings, around a year old. They are very beautiful with the coloring, but we are pretty sure
  they are deaf. We have been told this is called a Lethal White.They have adapted well here, and
  they depend on each other. They stand butt to butt, so they can see everything. When separated they
  cry for the other. They are very loving, and sweet, and get along great with the other dogs here.
  If anyone thinks they may be able to help us with placement, we sure would appreciate it. Please
  email, or you can reach me at (931)296-7319. Thanks,

  Waverly Animal Shelter
  Waverly, Tennessee



   UPDATE:   Lilly has been Adopted by her Foster Family.



   *** sadly, Possum has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She was much loved and cherished***
We are seeking a mature person who already owns a deaf or blind dog, one who preferably works from home or has a flexible
schedule and one who can spend lots of time with this baby. Although many people will feel sorry for her, she is a
happy girl, and oblivious of her missing senses.

She gets real quiet when she is placed in unfamiliar surroundings. She will sit or lay in one spot until she feels like exploring.
But once she knows the surroundings, watch out. She will run you over! When she gets to feeling frisky, we all find a place
against the wall or on the couch and let her run. She has a blast! Nothing stops her! If one of the cats takes a swipe at her
she will bark back at them and she will not move from her spot. She stands her ground! She does not let anyone push her around.

She can see some light. Just this morning she tried to play with the large bag of dog food. The bag has a large Black Lab
on it. I think she can see the contrast from light to dark but not for sure. Her tracking is out of this world. I can walk a pattern
and she will track me down. A very smart cookie. She loves everybody and everything! She definitely knows her way around
the yard and her way back to the front door. She also knows how to knock to be let inside.

Life could be very dangerous for her and her adoption should not be taken lightly. This is a lifetime commitment and a
fulltime "job." We have resources on training and living with deaf dogs.
See the"">Deaf Dog Education Action Fund (DDEAF) for lots of helpful information.
We don't recommend a deaf dog for families with young kids since there is always a concern for safety regarding doors
and gates. A secure yard is a must.

Possum is current on age appropriate vaccinations and spayed.

UPDATE! Possum recently underwent extensive surgery due to an unidentified injury that resulted in a broken hip. She may
 possibly face more surgery, depending on how her knee looks after the hip heals up.

Little Possum had an accident in her foster's home due to her blindness. We believe she fell off of her porch which resulted in her breaking her left hip and tearing ligaments in her left knee. Poor baby, as if life and a careless breeder didn't deal her enough suffering!

We have had Possum since she was 6 weeks old and cannot bear to see her suffer nor can we euthanize her for something which can be repaired. Donations are needed to help with the over $500 (discounted) cost for the combined surgeries, a Femoral Head Ostectomy and a ligament repair. We also need a special temporary foster to help Possum recover through those tenuous first weeks after her operation and her after-care physical therapy.









  Angel is about 18 months old and a “double dilute” female rough collie.  Her distinctive coloring is the
  result of an ill-advised breeding between two merle collies.  As is frequently the case with these
  breedings, she unfortunately is deaf and has some sight impairment although she is not blind.  Her
  breeder actually gave her to a well-meaning owner but that owner developed a serious medical issue
  and  was forced to give Angel to the Southern Arizona Humane Society where at their request we took
  her into our program.  Angel is one happy dog and a bundle of energy.  She lives to play and has not
  met anybody or dog that was not her immediate friend.  We think she would also be ok with cats and
  kids although she might overcome them with her rambunctious nature.  She could definitely benefit from
  some obedience training to “rein” her in a little and to teach her reasonable manners.  She is house-
  trained.  She will be a challenge but well worth the effort.

  Angel appears healthy, is spayed, microchipped, and current on vaccinations

  Please contact or call 480-507-7996
  Angel is located in Arizona






  Stella is approximately 2 yrs. old.  She is deaf, but has good vision.  She knows a few hand signals
  and is enrolled in an obedience class where she is doing very well.  Stella gets along with the other
  dogs at her foster home, but she does want to be the alpha dog.  She is full of life and is very active.
  Stella will need a home where she will get plenty of exercise and needs a fenced yard to be able to run
  and burn off some energy.  She also loves walks.  When relaxing, Stella loves to cuddle in your lap.
  She likes everyone she meets, but she might have a bit too much energy for a toddler.

  Stella is spayed, current on all vaccinations, heartworm negative, and on preventative.  She is also
  micro-chipped.  You may fill out an application for Stella at
  Stella's adoption fee is $150.

                                                   Stella is located in Marion, IN






  Bert, ARPH 10547

  Bert was born in LA and turned into the LA SPCA by a concerned friend of his breeder.   This person
  took the puppies to the shelter when the breeder stated she was going to euthanize them because of
  their limited vision.

  Bert does have some vision loss but gets around very well. He doesn't startle or become frightened
  when he's in a new environment. He happily investigates his new space and then settles in for some
  play time. Bert does have good hearing and responds to verbal commands very well. Once he hears you,
  he will immediately stop and start tracking the air to find you. You can view Bert’s mobility at this link  He is a super kissing machine and loves to have his belly
  rubbed. Bert doesn't like to potty in his crate, and is learning housetraining.

  Here's what Bert's foster home has to say about him:

  "Bert is finally coming out of his little shell and starting to act like a puppy. He attacks your feet when
  you are walking outside and Bert follows Cash around and will occasionally bite at his feet when they
  are both lying down. He has accepted that he will have to eat dry food too, and has taken to attacking
  that as ferociously as he does the wet food. He still seems a bit underweight, but we are working on that.
  He has picked out 3 spots around the house that he will pass out in and 1 spot where he goes to when
  he wants to "fight" with his nemesis the window curtain drawstring. He even hops around and barks at
  it every once in a while, which is the only noise I have heard out of him."

  A fenced yard is a requirement for those adopting Bert. It will also be really nice if he had a sighted
  companion to help lead him. However, he also seems to do just fine on his own, enjoying gardening
  with his foster family for hours on end. He is fostered in Atlanta, GA and adopters must travel to
  meet/adopt him, he will not be shipped or transported out of state.

  Approved adopters may contact Kim Johnson at

   Bert is located in Atlanta, GA





   Violet is a beautiful catahoula mix and a very smart girl.  She is in need of a home where she would
   be the only dog.  Violet would make a great hiking/travel companion.  She loves to play with tennis
   balls and likes to do activities to keep her mentally stimulated.   Because of her activity level, no kitties
   or children please! 

   Violet is crate trained, housebroken with a doggie door, current on vaccinations,
    micro-chipped, and spayed.  She has also been to puppy obedience class and is about 1.5 yrs old

    If you are interested in adopting Violet, please contact Amy @

     Violet is located in Phoenix, AZ









  Stone is an 18 month old beautiful deaf boy.  He does know some sign language and is
  a typical aussie velcro dog!  He is very affectionate and loves to be with his humans.
  If you are interested in adopting Stone, please contact:

    Nadia at

       Stone is located in Camp Verde, AZ





  Zale arrived at the shelter as a stray.  He seems to be either deaf, or has very limited hearing. But he
  is a sweetheart!  He is quiet, has a nice temperament, easy to handle, loves affection, and has
  great eye contact. 

  Zale is approximately 1 yr old, current on vaccinations, and will be neutered upon adoption.

  If you would like to adopt Zale and provide him with a loving forever home, please contact:

   Karly at
           Zale is located in Caldwell, Idaho

  **Update** - Zale is now with a great rescue group and will be going to his
                        new foster home in Portland, OR







  Meet Seeker

  His mother was an Aussie, and the father is unknown. He is about 6 wks old
  He isn't blind, but seems to be vision impaired.He is a cute outgoing little ball of energy.   Seeker is
  in  progress of housebreaking, and learning the hand signal for come.
  He is getting on well with other dogs, and loves all people.

  If you are interested in adopting Seeker, please contact Melonie at

  Seeker is located in Casper, Wyoming



Peter Pan



  Peter Pan is a beautiful Aussie. He is hearing impaired but has no problem seeing. He loves being
  with his people, running and playing. If you have time and room in your heart for this special guy,
  please give us a call.   Peter Pan is housebroken, neutered, and current on vaccinations.


 Santa Cruz SPCA
 Santa Cruz, CA

  phone - 831-465-5000
  Email -






   Blue is a 7 month old, beautiful girl.  She is deaf and has some vision impairment.  Blue is current on
   vaccinations, spayed, and micro-chipped.  She is great with cats and dogs, housebroken and is very

  Blue was rescued from a homeless man that was breeding puppies when she was just a month old. 

  If you are interested in Blue becoming a part of your family, please send an email to:

  Blue is located in Oregon.






  Sweet Pea



  Although these 2 awesome dogs aren't lethals, their owners are relocating to India and need to find
  them a home that  will love and take care of them.

  Rosie's Profile:
  Rosie, an Aussie/Setter mix is looking for a loving home. Rosie is a female 6-7 years old,
  house trained,  fixed, shots, healthy, leash trained, energetic, loves kids and prefers company
  of people/not dogs. Rosie loves to go swimming and go on hikes. Rosie enjoys dog toys especially
  the ones that squeak. She needs to be in an area that is fenced. Rosie is an excellent companion and
  she would be a great addition to the family.

  Rosie's Story:
  Rosie and five other pups where found on the side of a street, without a mother. Abandoned, the
  ASPCA immediately took them to the veterinarian where they where taken care of. A couple weeks
  later they went to Pets Mart where they where sold.

  Sweet Pea's Profile:
  Sweet Pea is an ideal house dog that is 5-6 years old. Sweet Pea is a mixed breed and she gets
  along great with kids and other pets. Sweet Pea loves attention and she is an affectionate dog.
  Sweet Pea is house trained, leash trained, crate trained, knows tricks, fixed, shots, loving and
  gentle. Sweet Pea likes to play with dog toys and she loves dog bones.   Sweet Pea is an
  excellent companion and she would be a great addition to the family.

  Sweet Pea's Story:
  We bought Sweet Pea at a garage sale where she was one out of the three other puppies that were
   being sold

Contact Information:
Isabel Whaley
San Diego, California






  Hi there! Just wanted to give an update on the puppy. After having her with me for a couple of weeks
  now, I know her a little bit better. She doesn’t really have a name because she can’t hear me anyway.
  I have noticed that she does have some eyesight in her left eye. The right eye is so small right now
  that the third eyelid is blocking her eyeball from view. She has the same problem in her left eye, but in
  the evenings, or when the light is dim, it seems to be more uncovered. So much so that you can see
  her whole eye. It is crystal blue. So pretty! The vet says that maybe when she grows her condition
  will improve. If not, we may consider later if surgery is possible. I have started her on her shots. She
  gets her second set on June 19th, then the third later on. She was born on 04/18/06, so is now 8
  weeks old and weighs 10.5 lbs. She has a short stature and is very muscular/stocky.

  Very cute!
  She has a ¾ length of a tail. When she walks around and when excited it sticks straight up in the air.
  It is so funny. She has some tan markings down her back and it extends down her right front leg but
  stops short of her foot. She has become more playful, a whole lot more playful with other dogs. She
  is calm and plays gently with people though. She steers clear of my cats. When she smells them,
  she just goes the other way. She is really good about getting around both inside the house and in the
  front and backyard. When she is in the front I stay with her since there is no fence.
  She has responded well to touch signals. Although, I am not good about being consistent.
  Most of the time, I just end up picking her up and putting her where I want her. She really needs
  a good home.  Someone she can bond with for a lifetime. And someone who has the time to devote
  to her that she so desperately needs. I just have my hands full already and it is not fair to her. Plus,
  I don’t want to get attached. That will just make it harder for me to give her up.
  Please someone out there help me to help her!!! I have lots of pictures, so just email me and I will
  be happy to forward you some. If you live in Texas or close by, I will consider traveling to let you meet
  her, if you want. We can meet half way or work something out.

  If you are interested in Dot, please contact Stefanie at

   Dot is located north of Dallas, TX.





  Tye is a 2.5 yr old, blue merle, neutered male Australian Shepherd. Tye does well with people and dogs.
  He is docile with children. Tye is an outdoor dog and has not lived indoors but would probably enjoy
  getting out of this NC heat.

  Tye loves to swim and spends time swimming in his owners pond. Tye is about 35 lbs, so he is a
  smaller male. Tye is DEAF and needs an owner with a fenced yard that is willing to work with him.
  Tye also is heartworm positive and will need to be treated.

  Tye is looking for a foster home or a forever home. If you can open your heart and home to Tye,
   please contact Jeremi Clark at

  Tye is located in North Carolina.






  Bindi is a 1-2 year old Australian Shepherd that's deaf and suffers from some vision loss.
  She doesn't let any of this slow her down though! She loves to play and wrestle with her foster buddies.
  She very submissive and gets along with both males and females. She also loves trying to play with
  the cats and kittens in her foster home, but gives up quickly and is content just to watch them play.
  She's crate-trained, although she really does not care for being crated. She's working on house-training
  and is almost there.

  She's incredibly sweet, affectionate, and gentle.Bindi adores her foster mom and
  chooses/needs to be with her whenever possible! She even tries to hang out in the shower or bath with
  her foster mom!  Bindi is well-behaved by her own doing, but could benefit from some training for
 communication sake. She's a great girl that has no idea she's any different from other dogs.

  If you are interested in giving this great girl a forever home...please contact

  Meghann at

Bindi is located in Columbia, MO






  Hello, my name is Aylen. I am about 12 weeks old. Last Tuesday Pima Animal Control (PACC)
  placed me on the euthanasia list because I was very thin and feeling sick. I was in a kennel all by

  The kind souls at S.A.F.E. (Saving Animals From Euthanasia) happened to have a Foster
  that had room for another animal. They came down and couldn't resist how cute I was and took me
  to my new Foster home. My Foster Mom was so excited to meet me. I had a big secret, and it wasn't
  long before my Foster Mom found out what it was. She took me outside to go potty, and figured out
  that I was blind. She scooped me up and held me close and told me everything is going to be okay.

  Then, I met her two young dogs and we played tug-o-war. I may be little, but I was able to keep up
  with the big dogs. That night I was given my own warm bed and it was so comfortable I slept through
  the night. The next day I went to the Vet and she said that I have an upper respiratory infection and gave
  me medicine to get me better. She also checked my vision and determined that I have very limited
  vision. However, my hearing is really good. Since then, I have been enjoying my warm bed, new
  sisters, and loving Mommy. I am starting to gain some much needed weight, learning my way around
  the house and yard, and the antibiotics seem to be helping me get well. As soon as I get better, I will
  be ready to find my forever home.

  Maybe you could be my new forever family :) Can I come home with you and be your faithful dog?
  Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

   Visit for adoption info and our weekly adoption site locations and hours.

     Aylen is located in Tucson, AZ






  Dancer is a little pup who has faced daunting circumstances with unbelievable spirit.  Born
  completely blind and deaf, she spent her first 3 months living in a 6x8 outside kennel full of mud and
  feces, drinking rainwater from a bucket and sharing limited food with 5 littermates.  Despite this, Dancer
  thinks life is great!  She greets everything with utter delight--dancing with joy and showering kisses.

  Dancer is a 14 week old (as of Jan. 26th) female, Australian Shepherd puppy with a full tail.  Pure
  Aussie, Dancer has lots of energy and thrives on action.  She is a curious, outgoing pup, who enjoys
  typical puppy activities like running about, carrying toys, chewing sticks, romping with other dogs,
  cuddling and petting.  She explores new environments with interest; sometimes barking and spinning
  until she orients herself (a behavior sometimes seen among deaf/blind dogs) but quickly "mapping out"
  her space.  Dancer is crate trained, working on housebreaking and learning touch signals for basic
  commands.  She has been de-wormed, has her rabies vaccine and is on schedule with her puppy shots.

  Dancer would do best in a home that would include her in their daily activities--taking her on walks,
  playing in the yard, teaching her tricks.   Dancer needs a home with a traditionally fenced yard, and
  due to her special needs, should not be placed with small children.  She would benefit from another
  canine companion in the household.

  Blind and deaf dogs can lead full and happy lives and give their owners' all the love and devotion they
  could possibly ask for.  There are many resources available to people with dogs with special needs. 

  Interested adopters are asked to refer to these web sites for further information before requesting
  application.  ;
  Potential adopters, with completed applications, can be provided with the contact information of people
  with blind/deaf Aussies who would be willing to share their experiences.

  For an application contact

  Dancer is located in Connecticut






  Flurry's short life is a remarkable story of overcoming challenges.  Born functionally blind and deaf,
  she spent her first 3 months of life outside in a 6x8 kennel full of mud and poop, drinking rain water from
  a bucket and sharing limited food with 5 littermates. 

  Now in a foster home, Flurry is blossoming daily!  She is a sweet and gentle 14 week old
  (as of Jan. 26th), Australian Shepherd puppy, who enjoys all the things any pup does--exploring the
  yard, chewing bones, playing with toys, tug of war, romping with other pups, being petted and playing,
  playing, playing!  Flurry finds her way capably around her environment and is learning touch signals for
  basic commands such as sit and down.  She is crate trained and making progress with house training.

   Flurry loves human contact and is happiest being petted, sitting on your lap or lying on the floor resting
  against your feet.

   Flurry is a bit tentative in new situations and would prefer a quieter home with a predictable routine.
   However, being a typical Aussie, she will need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.  Flurry needs
  a home with a traditionally fenced yard, and due to her special needs, should not be placed with small
  children.  She would benefit from another canine companion in the household.  Blind and deaf dogs can 
  lead full and happy lives and give their owners' all the love and devotion they could possibly ask for. 

  Interested adopters are asked to refer to these web sites for further information before requesting
  Potential adopters, with completed applications, can be provided with the contact information of people
  with blind/deaf Aussies who would be willing to share their experiences.

  For an application contact

  Flurry is located in Connecticut






  Digory is a 14 week old (as of Jan.26th),  male, Australian Shepherd with a tail.  Digory is a very,
  very sweet and affectionate little guy.  Slightly cautious when meeting new people, or in new situations,
  his curious and loving nature quickly take over and he begins to eagerly explore and merrily greet. 

  Digory's all white coloring comes from being the product of a merle to merle breeding.  Unfortunately,
  this combination can cause hearing and vision problems.  In Digory's case he cannot hear at all. 
  His vision is quite functional, although he may not see well in the distance.  Digory is really just like any
  other puppy though.  He loves to play, chase balls that are rolled for him, tug, wrestle with other pups,
  and cuddle, cuddle, cuddle!  He is a smart little fellow and is already learning hand signals for sit and
  down.  Digory is crate trained and making good progress in his housebreaking. He sleeps quietly through
  the night in his crate with no accidents.  Digory has been de-wormed, has a rabies vaccine and the
  appropriate vaccinations for a puppy his age.

  Digory is being fostered in Connecticut.   Interested adopters need to complete an application which
  can be requested by e-mail.  If you do not have previous experience with a deaf dog, please read the
  information at this site: ; before applying. 

  For an application contact tuckhillres@aolcom.






  Beau was found along with his 4 siblings discarded behind a large trash dumpster.  They are
  approximately 8-9 wks old.

  Beau is very sweet and also deaf & blind.

  If you would like to give Beau a loving forever home, please contact:
  Jacque Harvey
  Pueblo Animal Services

                 Ice is located in Pueblo, Colorado

  **the other sibling not posted here have happily already been adopted!!





  Chelsea is a lethal white aussie - she is deaf, but has working vision. She is a sweet loving beautiful
  sleek girl. She is great with kids, and other dogs, although she is developing a dominant streak, with a
  little work, she does fine with other dogs. She also does this really neat trick if you run with her, and
  turn around and hold your arms up, she'll jump right into them!

  Thank you for your interest in a member of the Lonely Hearts Club! The Lonely Hearts Club is for animals
  that have been impounded for more than one month.
  These animals are are vet checked, spayed/neutered, micro chipped, and receive a free rabies shot
  coupon, but their adoption fee is reduced to $50, because of their sweet lonely hearts.

  When you are calling or emailing about a pet, please include the pet's name AND ID# C07-012405.
   Thank you!!

  If you would like to make Chelsea a part of your family, please contact:


  Waco Humane Society

              Chelsea is located in Waco, Texas




  Jack is a gorgeous deaf 2 yr. old aussie boy.  He knows hand signals and gets along well with the other
  dogs at his foster home.  He would love to have a forever home!  

  If you are interested in Jack, please contact Abra via email at


                             Jack is located in Indianapolis, Indiana


  **Note**--Jack is also in need of a rescue organization to take him into their care!!






  Chance is a beautiful deaf girl that's looking for a forever home!  She's energetic, likes to play and
  go for walks.  She does need some training, but she's VERY SMART and a quick learner.  Chance
  really enjoys belly rubs and having a human best friend to hang out with!

  Chance will need a cat-free or a dog savvy cat home.  She will chase a running kitty.  Chance weighs
  about 60 lbs, so older children would be best.
   She is spayed, micro-chipped, and current on vaccinations.

         If you are interested in making Chance a member of your family, please contact: Valerie at

                                 or by phone at 623-465-4835

                                                   Chance is located in New River, AZ


 ** Chance was adopted by her original rescuer.  She had become frightened and escaped the
   ranch during a heavy rainstsorm , and was later located at a shelter.  Thank goodness for her
   micro-chip which allowed her to be re-united with her new adoptive mom!







  Sammie is a happy go lucky wonderful dog.  He is blind in one eye and nearly so in the other.  He gets
  around very well.  Sammie can hear just fine. 

  Sammie is most likely a cattle dog mix. 

   If you are interested in giving this sweet and loving boy a forever home, please contact:

SAFE (Saving Animals From Euthansia) 
Tucson, AZ






  Winnie is approximately 1 year old small Sheltie. She was born deaf, but that doesn't stop her from
  living life.  She is house trained and doggy door trained she walks very well on the leash.  She hasn't
  met a person or dog she didn't like.  She lives with four other dogs and gets along well with all of them. 
  She loves to go for rides in the car, or for a walk. 

  Winnie loves her humans and enjoys spending time in the same room.  Winnie is a typical Sheltie and
  is highly food motivated,  she does need to gain a few pounds.

  Winnie is spayed, current on shots and microchipped. 
  An application, home check and adoption fee is required. 

  Please contact Phyllis at (Mid-Arizona Shetland Sheepdog Club Rescue) if you
  are interested in giving Winnie a forever home.

  Winnie is located in Phoenix, AZ.






      Meet Whitie...... an 8 month old female aussie and is both blind and deaf.  Isn't she just adorable?
      Whitie is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and was sent to a shelter due to a cruelty call. 
      Her owners did not have time for her and kept her out on the balcony.   She is currently in a
      short term foster home where she is doing well.  Her foster mom reports that she is very
      playful and active.  Whitie also loves to be near her humans.

      If you are interested in either fostering or making this little girl a part of your family,
      please contact  Sandy.

  **Here are some awesome pictures of Whitie (now Lilly) enjoying her wonderful life!!  Check out the
     ribbons she has won! 






Private Rescue --

  I just arrived so not a lot is known about me but in the short time I have been here my foster mom can
  tell I am a very sweet Aussie guy. So far I have chased moths out in the yard and have found some nice
  shoe strings that look like fun. I will start learning how to be a good puppy here with crate training,
  housetraining, and some commands. I will come all vetted and my neuter appointment is scheduled for
  September 25th.

  I should be well on my way to being a good puppy citizen by then. I have three foster brothers
  here (doggy) to teach me the ropes.

  On examination it was found that I do have some potential vision problems that may cause me not to
  see but right now I am doing fine. I will require a fenced yard, no children under 12,and someone who
  is willing to learn about a pup who may become vision handicapped to keep me safe. You must come
  to meet me, no shipping, an application is required and an adoption fee.

  Please contact my foster mom,Kristin, for further information @
  Phone : 414-483-4767

    Melvin is located in Milwaukee, WI






  Hi my name is Nicolas and I am one of the most loved dogs in the world. I am about 2 years old
  and I was found wandering around the highway 6 months ago. I was cold, scared, and miserable.
  But, then I came into fostercare. I currently reside with two adults, twin ten-year olds, my foster families’
  dog, and 1-3 other foster dogs.

  I love living with everyone. I love the attention, the belly-rubs, having a yard to run in during the day,
  being with other dogs, a home with kids that love me and adults working hard on training me to be
  the very best dog I can be. I am pretty well trained too. I am 100% housebroken and I ring a bell to go
 outside. I am also crate trained. I sleep in a crate by myself at night, which is around 9 pm. I know basic
 commands, and I am very eager to please. One of my favorite activities is playing fetch.

  I am amazingly athletic and I could be an excellent agility dog. I am a big love to all people, big and
  small. I love to crawl up on the couch beside you, if you tell me it is OK. I have quite good manners,
  especially walking on a leash (though I may fuss a small amount sometimes when other dogs pass
  by, but again most of the time I can keep walking by). I love dogs that I have gotten the chance to know.
  However, I’m not so keen on a perfect stranger walking up and sniffing me. Once I have gotten to know
  them I’m okay, but with a stranger I just find it plain rude. Although, I love it when strange humans walk
  up to me and tell me how pretty I am. But, that’s different. I am great with veterinarians and other people
  poking and prodding me. I just sometimes get stressed around unfamiliar dogs. But, like I said I love
  dogs I have had the chance to get to know. My foster family loves me a ton and they are hoping for a
  perfect forever home for me with people that get Aussies who can help me keep growing into that
  'perfect' dog they believe I am. I'm hoping for a forever home with a 4 legged companion, lots of space,
  maybe some medium sized kids and someone willing to work with my strengths (agility, obedience, etc)
  while convincing me I am loved.

  If you would like to adopt me please fill out an application and come meet me!
  If you are interested in giving Nicholas a loving forever home, please contact:
                       ashley @

  You can read more about Nicholas by clicking on the link below....







  Hi, everybody!  My name is Doc.  I am a 16 week old aussie puppy and I was born blind.  Somehow
  my brother and I got away and  nice lady named Carol found us in the road near Beebe, Arkansas. 
  She took us home and my brother, who is not blind, got a home, but it seems nobody wanted me. 
  Carol had so many other dogs that she found out about Jeff and Linda that already have a dog like
  me, only deaf too, so now I live with them.  I hear real good and they keep calling me a love-bug. I like
  to get in their lap and give puppy kisses. I do love my family and want to be as close to them as
  possible. They love me, too but they think I might like a home better without so many dogs. I have
  been neutered and have all my shots and am nearly housebroken.  I am learning the leash and how
  to climb stairs. 
  If you think you might want to offer a forever home to a sweet guy like me, please email my dad Jeff at 

  (PS--I was named after Doc Watson, the Grammy award winning blind singer and guitar picker).

  See Doc on his webpage





  Stella is a very cute 5-6 year old Blue Merle Aussie. She is deaf we feel from a past ear infection
  that was not properly treated. She is a very sweet girl, just wants to be someone's buddy.
  She is good with everyone and other dogs. She is housebroken and crated trained. She knows how
  to sit and is very polite with her manners.
   For more info please contact Jane at 602-930-9384 or email 

   Stella is located in the Phoenix, Arizona area





   Ratchet is a beautiful boy that is neutered and current on shots.  He was abandoned at his previous
   home and left to run feral.    As you can see, he is once again enjoying humane contact!

   If you would like more information on Ratchet, please contact Christine at the Circle L Ranch.


                                          Ratchet is located in Prescott Valley, AZ




  Jack is a beautiful, 1 year old, white Aussie mix who needs someone special.
   He is leash trained and house trained. However, he is deaf and needs some TLC. Jack would be a
   friendly, playful companion for the right home.  Jack is good with kids, dogs, and cats.

   Please contact the Yavapai Humane Society to give Jack the opportunity he deserves.

 Phone - 928-445-2666

Jack is located in Prescott, Az





  Stormy is described as a a big beautiful giant that is not only gorgeous, but also a really nice boy. 
  He is neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

  If you are interested in providing Stormy with a forever home, please contact

                                            Pawing at Your Heart, Inc.
                                            Winder, GA.

  Stormy can be found on Petfinder at





  I'm special because I'm deaf!  Most white & blue merle aussies with pink noses and blue eyes are
  deaf.  I will need some patience and training so I can be a good dog. I'm friendly and energetic,
  so would like to channel that into something fun like agility with hand signals. Does that sound like
  fun for you?

  If so, email my foster mom at to meet me!  I get along with dogs and cats!
 Approx. DOB: Feb 2006.  Elliot is housetrained, neutered, and current on vaccinations.

                                              :PAWS Atlanta
                                               Decatur, GA.

    Elliot can be found on Petfinder at




  Liberty is a 3 month old blue merle Aussie with a docked tail. She is up to date on vaccinations and
  being maintained on heartworm prevention.

  Liberty has a very spunky and endearing personality, and loves new adventures. She is a sweet pup
  with lots of love to give, and the smarts to match.

  Liberty is a result of merle colored dog being bred to another merle, and as a result, she is deaf.
  Her foster Mom is working with her on learning sign commands. However, it's easy to forget that
  Liberty is deaf, she certainly missed that memo. She's just like any typical Aussie pup, full of excitement
  and intelligence.

  Liberty is located in Hampton, GA. Approved adopters may contact Rachael Eley at

  To apply to adopt an ARPH dog, please complete an adoption application online at






  Jersey is in need of a new home.  The following is the information we received from her current owner.

 Jersey is a little over a year old, blind in one eye (deformed) and totally deaf. She is a blue merle.
  We were told when we adopted her from a shelter here in Idaho that she was kept by an Aussie breeder,
  because her daughter felt sorry for her. She slept on beds and loves kids. Unfortunately, she would get
  attacked by other dogs because when she played, she could not hear when the other dog had growled,
  warning the play was over. Jersey has been very playful with our other dog, a Cane Corso Mastiff.
  Our Mastiff just takes it, and when she is done playing, walks away. Jersey also loves our cat. She will
  run after it, and they play. The cat will bat at her, bite her head, and Jersey just sits their like its a
  huge show of affection from the cat. Then Jersey licks the cat. She loves to herd, although didn't know
  what to think about the cattle we introduced her to the other day. Jersey loves all people, and will let
  anyone in your home. She knows NO strangers !!! :) She is housebroke, sleeps all night beside the bed,
  or on it if you invite her. We have taught her hand signals, and responds to sit, down, stay (sometimes),
  away, and will usually follow your hand directions. We stomp the floor to get her attention, and then she
  looks eagerly for directions. She is a great dog. Very loving, very affectionate. She lays in your lap
  while watching tv, and follows you from room to room. She is spayed and micro-chipped.

Jersey is located in Caldwell, Idaho

Please contact if you are interested in providing
Jersey with a forever home.

**Note** this is Jersey's 2nd adoption







  Merlin is a young adult. He is completely deaf and has somewhat limited vision. He is an extremely
  well adjusted and outgoing dog. He does great with other dogs and really seems thrive on their help
  and their companionship. Merlin is a beautiful boy inside and out!


  Please call or email for more information.  Merlin is housebroken, neutered, and current on shots.

                        Humane Society of Statesboro and Bulloch County (Animal Rescue Division)
                                                       Statesboro, GA|


   Merlin can be found on Petfinder at





  Lilah is a double merle (red) female that was rescued from a shelter. Our vet's estimate is that
  she was probably born February, 2006. She has good vision and hearing, although not 100%.

  Lilah is friendly, outgoing, and she has a spunky personality. She loves being with people, and is
  doing great in the house. She is good about going outside to potty. Lilah plays and gets along with
  all the other dogs. Due to Lilah's vision and hearing impairment, a secure fenced yard is required.

  Lilah is eager to please and learn, so obedience training would be something I think she will do
  great with. Lilah has been spayed, is current on all of her vaccinations, wormed, heartworm negative
  and on preventative, and also microchipped.

  If you think your home is a good choice for Lilah, and you have the time to give to her, please fill
  out an online appication at:  Lilah's adoption fee is $175.

  Lilah is located in Marion, Indiana.






  Opal was named for her beautiful opalescent eyes. She is a pure white fluffy lethal white Australian
  shepherd with a full tail. Her pictures reflect both sides of this sweet girl's personality. She loves to run
  with her foster brothers and she also likes to lay on the dog beds and quietly chew on a bone or toy.
  Opal may not be able to hear but don't tell her she's a special needs girl! She knows basic signs: sit,
  come, crate, treat, potty, etc. Opal is anxiously waiting for her forever home.

  If you would like to give Opal a forever home, please contact:

AlmostHome Dogz Rescue
Richardson, Tx

email address





  Hello, My name is Alfie I am cute sweet and smart, I am a very comical dog. I get along great with
  other dogs and have the energy to play with them. I am cratetrained, housebroken and know how to
  sit and lie down on command with hand signals because I am deaf. I also do well with cats and kids.

   Alfie is a male Australian Shepherd/ Terrier mix, weighs 35 lbs and is about 7 months old. 

  If you are interested in adopting Alfie, please contact Lydia via email: or
  phone 707-994-0123. 
  Alfie is located in Lower Lake, California with Special Pet Rescue.







  ARPH 9327

  Nicolai (Nic) is an eight year old blue merle male. Nic earned his name after being rescued from the
  shelter in the nic of time! Nic is a light heartworm positive and getting ready to start his treatment soon.  
  He also has cataracts but does have vision in one eye. He gets around fine but he does bump into things
  at times. Despite what one might look at as obstacles, they don't appear to bother Nic at all, he is a
  happy go lucky boy. His favorite thing is to go for car rides, he will jump right in always ready to go! He  
  also loves to be a velcro dog right under his foster home's feet. He enjoys attention and is just one of the
  Aussies you enjoy having around.

  He is well mannered in the house and is good with other dogs. He is friendly with people he meets and
  great at the vet clinic. Nic is one of those social boys who enjoys attention and loves to share his

  Many people over look older dogs but adopting an older dog has many benefits, a bit more laid back,
  none of the chewing and they show lots of appreciation of having a new home.

  If you want to sponsor Nic during his heartworm treatment please go to the ARPH support page at Please make sure it is marked for Nic ARPH 9327. Nic will be ready for
  adoption around the end of October.  Be sure to watch the site for updates.

  You can contact Kim Johnson at if you have any questions about Nic.






  Diego is a young deaf boy about a year old.  He likes to play and loves life.  Diego is in the Chicago
  area originally coming from a shelter in Southern Indiana. 

  To see more picture of Diego......Click Here 

  If you are interested in making Diego a part of your family, please email






  Toby is a very special dog. He is about 10 months old, 35 lbs, blue eyes and a gorgeous white coat.
  He has Bilateral Deafness (completely deaf). He loves to play, is good with kids and loves to give
  kisses. A great option for him would be therapy work. He would do great with someone that has
  experience or knowledge of deaf dogs and sign training but this is not a must.

  Located in Southern Utah. Toby is neutered and up to date with shots & rabies. Adoption fee is $75.
  Call Piute Paws Dog Rescue 435-577-2092 if you think you can give Toby the love he deserves. If
  you are interested but wonder how to care for a deaf dog, look online at for a lot of
   great information.
  ** update - foster family says he is housetrained and fine with cats **

  You can see Toby on Petfinder @

  If you are interested in this dog please call PIUTE PAWS DOG RESCUE at 435-577-2092
  or email






  My name is Shiloh. I am a blind, 7-year-old Aussie. I am not a “lethal white,” but sometimes other
  Aussies have bad problems with their eyes, too. I have to say that my first seven years weren't so
   wonderful – and that’s an understatement. Most of those years were spent in a tiny grooming crate
  in a vet's office, with very little human or canine contact. I ended up there as a very young dog because
  my first owners brought me in, telling the vet to put me to sleep after they learned I had glaucoma.
  She didn't, and instead gave me to some people who would keep me for awhile, bring me back, take
  me again, and bring me back, until finally I was forgotten, left in my little cage, my once-beautiful eyes
  becoming demon-red and blind. The vet didn’t know what to do with my eyes, but she didn’t have the
  heart to put me down, either. So there I stayed. Then one day, a lady with a local rescue happened to
  come to the vet and saw me. We touched hearts, and she determined to get me out of there.

  For months, she sent email after email, until finally a family in northwest Arkansas heard about me and
  lots of wonderful people helped transport me from Tennessee to their home. At first, I didn’t know what
  to do with my freedom. But I have learned to run, to play, to feel the wind and sunshine on my face, to
  stretch out and sleeeeeeeeeep, and to eat ice cream! Without the stress of living in the crate, my
  glaucoma is no longer getting any worse, but I will need to see a vet regularly for follow-ups.

  As wonderful as my foster home is, I still need a forever family. If you take me into your home, I promise
  to love you for the rest of my life. Shiloh would do best in a home with no cats.

                                                   For info, contact Jeff::

      jlamiddleton3@ or call 870-446-5791.








  Rex is 8-12 months old, and weighs about 44 lbs. 

  Meet one of the sweetest, gentlest, loving dogs ever. Rex is that special dog who shows everyone
  what real love from a dog is all about. To say that Rex is dependent on his human parents because
  he is partially blind and deaf, is to miss the point. Rex is such a great dog and gives you so much
  that whatever you do for him makes you feel better. Once you meet Rex and take him for a walk, you
  will realize his trust as he walks confidently with you, trusting you almost immediately. When you stop,
  he will sit on your lap and try to crawl under your skin to show you how much he appreciates your
  guidance and love. When you see Rex from a distance, you will be struck by his beauty; his white
  and merle coloring and his general appearance are a work of art.
  He was found in a park and the shelter director, who absolutely adores Rex, called HART to have us
  try to place him in a home where he would receive the love and protection he so richly deserves. Can
  you commit to being Rex's parents and turn around a dog's life? Rex has undergone surgery on his
  eyes, and is already showing some improvement in his sight. He has responded quite well to eye
  drops that his foster mom is giving him. Rex is very playful and gets along beautifully with his foster
  siblings and, I'm told by the foster mom, learned where the door to go outside is located in one day.
  Rex seems very smart and eager to learn.

  Rex is with HART, Homeless Animals Rescue Team @

  If you are interested in adopting Rex, please contact Lisa @ LDDiaz@ or visit the HART website.


Rex  - Adopted 1/4/07! Partially Blind & Partially Deaf
Male Australian Shepherd Mix

Contact: Email Pat

This dog is sponsored by: Anonymous, in memory of Emma, who was special needs too; and by John and Anita, in honor of Fred Fiege on his birthday and after his eye surgery .





**new pictures of Helen**





  Helen is a 5-month-old deaf and blind Aussie mix (looks like there is some greyhound in there).
  She is in a bit of a pickle (meaning this is sort of an EMERGENCY as of July 14, 2006).
  Here’s the scoop.

  Helen was transported in June from Texas to Little Rock, AR to an apparently well-qualified adopter
  (she had another deaf-and-blind Aussie, among other things). However, it took less than a month
  before she decided she was unable to handle Helen and she had Helen picked up by the town

  Fortunately, a Good Samaritan, who, like me, is named Kim, has rescued Helen from the shelter,
  but she already has about a dozen foster dogs in her home, and took Helen only because I PROMISED
  I would do my best to find her another safe haven ASAP. So I am keeping my promise.

  According to her foster mom, the operative word for Helen seems to be SMART. She was started
  on touch training yesterday, and already seems to just about understand “Sit”. She can tell when
  her rescuer approaches the gate to the kitchen, and runs to greet her (I told the “other” Kim these
  dogs have a remarkable sense of smell and she must smell like LOVE). Helen also gets along just
   fine with her children. She does spin, but less so since even in the one day she has been kept
  uncrated in a gated-in kitchen. The animal control officer who picked Helen up reported that Helen
  had been kept in a crate which was too small for her, a common cause of compulsive spinning in
  deaf-and-blind dogs.

  If you are a rescue, or with a rescue, or a forever home for Helen, please contact one of us Kims:
  Me, Kim K, at krk929@ or Kim O at btrfly3371@

  Helen is currently in Hot Springs, AR. But transportation can be arranged just about ANYWHERE.









  Orlandi and Scarlet are Double Merle Australian Shepherd puppies. What does Double Merle mean?
  It means that a breeder tried to mate two Merle Australian Shepherds which inevitably creates some
 offspring that are all white, deaf and blind. Orlandi and her sister Scarlet were thrown in a dumpster with
  their other sister Gucci because they were of no monetary value to the breeder. Luckily an Apache
 Junction animal care and control officer found the three pups and took them to safety. Paw Placement
  was able to step in and place them with some wonderful foster families until they were ready for
  adoption. Orlandi is a friendly and loving companion animal but she has special needs because of her
  blind and deaf conditions.

  Orlandi and Scarlet have been living in the same foster home and are very attached to each other.
  Orlandi is strong and active. Scarlet had a rough start but seems to be getting better each day.
  Both girls are learning touch training. Orlandi will come and sit on command, Scarlet will come. Her
  foster mom is waiting for her to get a little stronger before making her sit on command. As for potty
  training, they prefer to go outside if possible and will run to the door. They are both happy in their crate
  at night and will sleep through the night if they are together. Their foster mommy thinks it would be in
  their best interest to stay together if at all possible. Not only are they hard to separate but it is
  DEFINITELY easier with two than just one, they tend to keep each other occupied when you have
  something else going on and they have a really close bond.
  Orlandi loves car rides and will sit in her bag and chew her bones. Scarlet isn't such a huge fan but if
  she is with Gucci, she is okay. In a nutshell, they are both adorable, well behaved puppies. They
  definitely need stability and to learn their forever home so they are comfortable running and jumping.
  Orlandi is definitely a firecracker and is an absolute goof ball. Scarlet is a bit more trepidatious but still
  loves to play. She just needs more patience than Orlandi but is an absolute love bug. Scarlet waits for
  the world to come to her and Orlandi waits for no man.  Please fill out that online application if you want
  to meet Orlandi and/or Scarlet. The more info you include about yourself the better!

  A note from Paw Placement:
  Orlandi and Scarlet could easily be a 12, 13 or 14 year commitment on your part. They are NOT
  disposable for any reason like you moving, getting married, having babies, getting divorced or any
  perceived “inconvenience” you may develop with regards to Orlandi and Scarlet. You must be able to
  commit unconditionally to Orlandi and/or Scarlet for the rest of her life and agree work with a Paw
  Placement approved trainer.  For additional information on double merles, (sometimes also called
  Lethal Whites) you can also visit or

  Orlandi and Scarlet are with in Scottsdale, AZ. 

  Click here for Orlandi's page
  Click here for Scarlet's page






Hi! I'm Spice. I MAY have VISION PROBLEMS due to my coloring. HALO isn't 100% sure yet and
  they are consulting with an Australian Shepherd Rescue group to get more information. I seem to
  hear fine but my vision doesn't seem fully intact but I'm still young and the 'jury is still out'. I may need
  a special home due to my limited vision but we'll know more in a few weeks. I am a Mini Australian
  Shepherd mixed with something else. I am a sweet boy who needs a great family. I will be around
  20-30 pounds as an adult. We aren't sure since we don't know who my dad was. My adoption fee is
  $200 which covers my neuter, first shots and microchip
  If you are interested in adopting this gorgeous little boy, please contact:

               Halo Animal Rescue
               Phoenix, Az





  Hello everyone,my name is Ghosty.  I'm a handsome boy  that was born on Oct.7,2006. 
  I am going to be on the smaller side but husky. I am what you call a Homozygous Merle,meaning
  that my parents where both merles and I am deaf.Not 100% cause I do hear some sounds.
  My vision is great.
  I am learning lots of things hear. house training,the crate and how it is a good thing. Hand signals.
  Most of all I love to be with my foster brothers!! So I would love to have a playmate!! Oh,and I do need
  a fenced in yard to,to keep me safe. I have the cutest wiggle butt when I get excited to see you.
  I turn my butt to you and look back and wiggle like crazy.  I love to cuddle and go for walks too.
  I'm current on shots and fixed. You must be able to come and see me as my mom will not ship me.  I am
  located in Wisconsin.

  If you would like to learn more about me, please contact my mom at




       Update: Shadow has been rescued and is safe


  “I am so scared. I am so alone. I don’t know where I am. I am only 8 months old, and can’t hear
  anything and I can only see out of one eye, and not so well at that. I can see that doggie door however,
  and I know to go out of it to do my business. I don’t want to mess up my new home. I guess it is my
  new home. The people are nice but the other day they came to take me somewhere. I didn’t know
  where they wanted to take me. So I flopped down on my stomach and wouldn’t move. They picked me
  up and took me into a room and took my picture. I put my nose to the floor and sniffed. I was a little
  cautious about moving around but I did manage to do some exploring. The people were really nice.
  I felt good with them. I wanted to wind myself around their legs. It gave me a good secure feeling.
  When they took me back to my kennel, I cried. I am so scared. I am so alone....”

  This sweet boy is in a shelter in Kingsport, TN. If you can give him a home, or know someone in rescue
   who can take him in to their program, please contact Chris at cabo67@

  He is listed on the Petfinder page of the Kingsport Humane Society.






 Micky is a sharp looking medium size adult male. He is located in South Carolina.

   Oconee County Animal Shelter
Walhalla, South Carolina




Sahara is a 1.5 year old purebred aussie with a docked tail. Sahara is a special aussie who will
require very special owners. She was born deaf and has limited vision in one eye and very good
vision in her other eye. Sahara arrived at a crowded shelter in Bakersfield with a broken rear leg.
After five days without medical care, we were able to get her out of the shelter and to a vet. She underwent surgery to have her leg pinned and is recovering well. She is a real sweetheart and
deserves a magnificent life after all she's been through. If you would like more info on Sahara or
would like to
meet her please call 831-422-1269 or email Debra.






  Reese was rescued from the Houston area. She was born deaf, the result of an
  accidental merle-to-merle breeding; however she is not slowed down one bit by her
  special needs! She is smart and friendly even with having a very rough start before
  arriving at Aussie Rescue. She was born in December 2004.

  If you are interested in adopting Reese, please contact Joann @





  QT Pie



  QT is a 11 week old lethal white Aussie puppy who is deaf and blind. He's impressive and
  inspirational because he seems to get around and have a blast and make it look effortless!
  He's being trained by hand signals and doing great! He is one of the puppies from Arthur Warren
  and Georgia Thompson...not considered "sellable" so they gave him to NorCal Aussie Rescue.
  QT is fostered in Hollywood, Southern California. Contact: Kim at






  Comet is a cute, playful youngster. We do not know his breed mixes. He is a bit short and long and his
   head is somewhat narrow with a long thin muzzle. He is small and probably will not grow much more.
  He has beautiful blue eyes! A checkup with the doggy ophthalmologist in August 2006 showed no major
  vision problems.  He is an Australian Shepherd/ Border collie mix that is 1 yr old and weighs 25 lbs.

  Comet enjoys playing with dogs (he has two foster siblings) and sometimes "digs" or chases imaginary
  things for entertainment. He lives with a cat in his foster home. He enjoys car rides (has thrown up a time
  or two, when younger). Comet is sometimes shy on meeting new people, but he warms up and enjoys
  the attention. Comet is crate-trained and housetrained--with occasional accidents if he gets distracted
  by play.

  Although Comet doesn't act or feel "impaired," he is deaf and will require a home willing to accomodate
  his needs. You don't have to be "special" to love and care for a deaf pup. We have resources on training
  and living with deaf dogs and will provide support to his adopters.
  See the Deaf Dog Education Action Fund (DDEAF) for lots of helpful information.
  Comet is neutered, current on vaccinations, on heartworm prevention, and has been microchipped

  If you are interested in adopting Comet, please contact Austin Aussie Rescue, an affiliated chapter of
  Texas Aussie Rescue Association, Inc. (TARA) To fill out an online application , click here. This does not
  commit you in any way but helps us make the best match between people and available dogs. 

  Austin Tx Aussie Rescue
  Austin, Texas







   Luci is a double blue merle who is deaf and has some visual impairments. Her most recent check-up at
   the opthalmologist in October 2005 showed that her vision is still good, but she needs to be monitored
  on the progress of some cataracts. Luci is 1/6 years old and weighs 35 lbs.

  Luci was dumped in a neighborhood as a small puppy. One day, a family's two dogs started barking,
  and when the lady of the house went to the door to see what was up, Luci just walked in! She made
  herself at home and the family's Corgi puppy was immediately her best friend. Now a year later, the two
   puppies have matured and are no longer getting along so well.
  Both dogs believe there is only room in the family for one of them. The family has worked with their trainer,
   who also recommends that Luci find a new home. Her family is sad and has delayed this tough decision,
  but recognize that it is best for the happiness of all.
  Luci likes to run and bark in the backyard at squirrels and birds and the neighbor dog. She generally plays
   with and gets along with other dogs. She shows interest in and occasionally runs after the cats in her
   current home, but she has never hurt one and they don't seem terribly worried about her.
  Luci has been through training and knows basic commands via sign language. She does need additional
   practice. She loves to sit under chairs and just spend time with her people. She likes to chase a ball and
   enjoys chewing on sturdy chew toys and bones. She occasionally exhibits some mild herding behavior
   and would do best in a home with older, dog-wise children.
  She is house-trained and crate-trained. She is also spayed, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative,
  and microchipped.

  If you are interested in making Luci a part of your family, please contact:

Austin Tx Aussie Rescue
  Austin, Texas






  Jersey was surrendered to the shelter due to irresponsible breeding. You see, Jersey is deaf, and
  because of that she was considered unwanted and not valuable. Well, here at the shelter we see
  an exuberant, friendly and silly dog that deserves the same loving home as any of our other dogs.

  While Jersey may not be able to hear, she is excellent about staying with you when you take her
  for a walk, and is learning hands commands quickly. She loves to play with other dogs, and is good
  with cats as well. In fact, we’re pretty sure that Jersey doesn’t know she is any different from any of
  the other dogs. This girl will need a special home that is dedicated to the needs of a deaf dog.

  She cannot be off leash anywhere near a road, and must have a fenced yard to keep her secure.
 Jersey is very eager to learn, and while she may have to learn differently than your average dog,
  with her intelligence, it won’t be a hard task. If you are interested in learning more about this girl,
  or if you already have a handicapped dog and would like to add another to your family, be sure to
  meet Jersey, she is an all around great dog.

  If you are interested in adopting Jersey,  please send an email to

  Jersey is located in Hailey, Idaho at the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley






  Shelly is about an eight month old beautiful female sheltie. She is a little shy. As would be expected
  given her age adopters will need to watch that she does not get into “trouble”. She has a lot of potential
  but will definitely need training (including fine-tuning her housetraining). Her coloring is the result of an
  ill-advised breeding of two merle shelties. These breedings often result in deaf and/or blind dogs and
 Shelly appears to be neither. We expect that she will be fine particularly with older kids that can respect
 her initial shyness. She is fine with other dogs and we suspect she will be fine with cats.

  Shelly is current on her shots, licensed, and will be spayed and microchipped before placement.

  Persons interested in getting more information on Shelly or adopting her should contact Bill of the
  Mid-Arizona Shetland Sheepdog Club Rescue at 480-507-7996 or An application
  will be required and an adoption fee charged.






  Rudy ARPH 9137

  Rudy is a precious 12 week old blue merle Aussie with a tail. Rudy is truly a miraculous puppy.
  Rudy's miracles first began with him surviving life on the streets. You see Rudy is an Aussie resulting
  from a merle to merle dog breeding. This means he's extra special in that he is deaf. It's amazing he
  was able to stay alive considering he can't hear dangers a lost puppy would encounter every day on
  the street. To find out more about training deaf dogs, please visit the Deaf Dog Website.

  His second miracle came when he survived an attack by another dog at some point before finding
  his way to animal control. He had some seriously infected puncture wounds on his ear and neck.
  Rudy's third miracle came when we stumbled upon him while evaluating another dog at the animal
  control facility where he was brought in as a stray. It was obvious this little pup needed medical treatment
  right away, and we delivered him to the hospital straight from the shelter.

  Rudy will need to stay in foster care for the next two to three weeks while he's recovering from his
  injuries. He is up to date on his vaccinations and has started his heartworm prevention.
  Rudy is looking for one last miracle. A loving home that will keep him safe from the heartbreak and
  neglect he's known in his short life, a fenced yard to keep him safe, and another doggie companion to
  help lead him.
  If you can give Rudy that miracle, please fill out an application today.
  Rudy is located in Kennesaw, GA.

  Approved adopters may contact Rachael Eley at





  Ronnie is a one year old neutered male Australian Shepherd mix. He is almost pure white except for
  a few tan spots on his body. He is a special needs dog because he is blind. Despite his handicap
  Ronnie has a very happy, enthusiastic disposition. We think he has the potential to make the right
  family a wonderful pet and he can teach them many things. He can learn to maneuver around new
  secure indoor and outdoor surroundings in a few days and he can be taught to respond to voice and
  touch commands. Ronnie is a very loving dog who needs compassion and support in order to blossom.

  Ronnie is located in Payson, Arizona  at the Payson Humane Society.  The phone # is 928-474-5590
  Please email if you would like to give Ronnie his very own
  forever home!





  Meet Rowdy - who's anything but! He's an approximately 3 year old blue merle male Aussie. He's
  more laid back than some other Aussies and is ready to find a home of his own.

  Rowdy has an eye that was either injured or did not develop, so he cannot see out of one of his eyes
   - but this does not stop him one bit! Rowdy has also tested heartworm negative!

  If you're interested in Rowdy, please contact Norrie at or Anne at, the adoption counselor at the shelter.
  His adoption fee is $90 and includes all his shots and neuter surgery. Rowdy's time is limited,
  so if  you are interested, please do not wait!!

  Rowdy is located in Lousiana.





 Meggan is a tri colored one year old female Australian Shepherd. She is very sweet and loves to run
 and play. She is a great playmate and a sweet cuddler. Please, come by and see Meggan today .

  Meggan is located in Lake Charles, Louisiana at the Calcasieu Parish Department of Animal Services
  & Adoption Center.   Click here to see her link or contact







  Gucci is a Double Merle Australian Shepherd puppy. What does Double Merle mean? It means that a
  breeder tried to mate two Merle Australian Shepherds which inevitably creates some offspring that are
  all white, deaf and blind. Gucci and her two sisters, Orlandi and Scarlet, were thrown in a dumpster
  because they were of no monetary value to the breeder. Luckily an Apache Junction animal care and
  control officer found the three pups and took them to safety. Paw Placement was able to step in and
  place them with some wonderful foster families until they were ready for adoption. Gucci is a friendly
  and loving companion animal but she has special needs because of her blind and deaf conditions.
  She is responsive to touch training and has had some lessons. She remains very active and will need
  a family that can work with professionals experienced with these types of dogs to teach her social skills
  and manners. She might also do well in a home with another dog that can see and hear to provide her
  some guidance.  Gucci is good with both cats and dogs.  She is spayed, current on shots, and
  micro- chipped.

  Please fill out that online application if you want to meet Gucci. The more info you include about yourself
  the better! A note from Paw Placement: Gucci could easily be a 12, 13 or 14 year commitment on your
  part. She is NOT disposable for any reason like you moving, getting married, having babies, getting
  divorced or any perceived “inconvenience” you may develop with regards to Gucci. You must be able to
  commit unconditionally to Gucci for the rest of his life and agree work with a Paw Placement trainer.
  For additional information on double merles, (sometimes also called Lethal Whites) you can also visit or

  Gucci is with in Scottsdale, AZ.   Click here to go to her page.






  Shellie is a blue merle female Aussie around 2 years old that is looking for a new home. She is spayed,
  on heartworm and flea medication and walks well on leash. Her vaccinations will need to be updated.
  She has a natural (undocked) tail and weighs about 45 pounds.

  Shellie was found as a stray and now is looking for a new home due to illness in her current household.
  Her owners hate to give her up, but they just do not have the resources or time to care for her.

  Shellie is good with cats, children, and loves other dogs. She is obviously from a double merle breeding,
  however she does not appear to have any vision or hearing loss. She does require sunscreen for her
  nose when she is outside to avoid sunburn. Shellie is what we would call a “Lucky Lethal” because she
  can see and hear.

  This is a very special dog looking for a loving home that has the time to devote to her.

  Please contact Rachel Ely for more information.  Shellie is located in Conyers, GA. 




  Sweet little So Cal girl




  This adorable Southern California little girl is 8 wks old and is looking for her very own forever home.
  She likes to play with other dogs, and loves kids as you can see in her pictures!

  If you are interested in making her a part of your family, please email Debbie





  Little Libby, is a purebred yellow English Labrador Retriever. She is 2 1/2 years old. This little girl
  is very sweet. She loves everything and everybody.  Doesn't have problems with cats, or any farm animal.
  She loves to play with the other dogs. She plays hard, then she sleeps. 

  She is crate trained, housebroken and  leashed trained. Libby is on a raw diet for her health and UTD
  on shots, and has been altered.  She is thinner than shown, because she is running in the hills now and
  on a better diet.   

  Libby, is a great companion. Libby's only problem  (we haven't found it to be so) she is deaf.  She
  bonds with you right away, and very much wants to keep you in her site. She wants to be near you and 
  the other dog (s). She follows you or your dog (s) around for direction. 

  If you are the kind of person that would love to have a great companion and buddy, and realize None of
  us comes without flaws, then give us a call.  You don't have to be a special person to want Libby,
  because Libby makes you feel special, very special. She is small and loves to crawl into your lap.
  She is a love. Libby needs another dog, to play with, like most canines. 

  Libby, didn't have such good beginnings but she is headed in a wonderful direction. 

  If you would like to know more about  her story, please contact us by phone.  661-270-3294

  You can see Libby @


aka Bear


  Sweet Baby Ray is  6-8 wks old.  He is blind but can hear.  Ray is currently in the Chicago area having
  been rescued from a shelter in Texas. 

  Update! Apparently Ray was just very young with his eyes barely open.  He is able to see very well
  and has been examined by an eye specialist.  His eyes received a clean bill of health.

  To see more pictures of Ray.....Click here

  If you are interested in adopting this sweet little boy, email





  Hello, my name is Helen and I am as sweet as can be. I am 4 months old and am already housebroken
  and crate trained. I love other dogs, cats and everyone that I meet. I also know how to walk well on a
  leash. I am deaf and have some trouble seeing. Won't you come and meet me?   I'm a really sweet and
  special girl.  Helen is an Australian Shepherd/Terrier mix.

  If you are interested in making Helen a part of your family, please contact via email:

  Or see her on the website

Helen is located in Lower Lake, California




  Ty is a beautiful example of a blue merle with lots of coloring on his face and hind end - he doesn't
  have as much white as most merle-merle breedings. He has a very thick, long coat and a bobbed
  tail. He has one blue eye and one brown with excellent vision. Our vet says he could stand to lose
  a few pounds. 

  Ty is  bilaterally deaf.  He is friendly with our 3 other dogs and ocassionally will join in their
  constant  playtime. At last count, Ty knows 37 signs - he is brilliant. Ty needs someone with
  patience and understanding that can keep him safe from his fears.

  If you are interested in giving Ty a forever home, please contact Chris @

 More information about Ty can also be found on the Deaf Dog Education Action Fund Website.





  Abby is an approximately 1 yr. old spayed red merle female Aussie. She is already house trained,
  crate trained, and LOVES to play with other dogs. Abby is deaf and is learning signs for basic
  obedience; her vision is good in the daytime, but not as good at night. She walks well on a leash,
  loves the car, likes people and is very well behaved. Abby was rescued from a Northern CA shelter
  and is fostered in Pasadena, CA. For more information contact:

Diane Bercaw
Aussie Rescue SoCal, Inc.
626-319-3122 cell





 These 2 adorable babies are looking for a forever home.  They were born on 4/23/06.
  Dolly has partial eyesight and possibly some hearing.  She is mostly black & white with some brown
  and black spotted ears.  She is very sweet and willing to learn.

  Piggy has limited sight but does appear see shadows and close objects.  She is deaf and is primarily
  white with some black and brown coloring.  Of the 2, she needs the most attention.

  Their forever home should be someone that has time, energy and lots of love to give. 

  Dolly and Piggy are located in Wyoming,  If you are interested in either one of both of them joining your
  family, please contact Maggie at  





  Boo is a one year old Lethal white Aussie who is deaf, has limited vision in one eye and is
  missing a leg. He was hit by a car and had his leg repaired and gets around fine. His owner can
  no longer keep him and he is getting out and has run into traffic several times she must find a new
  home for him quickly. He is neutered and transport help can be arranged.

  Boo is a friendly loving boy but the owner does not have the time for him and will turn him into a
  local shelter soon if no one takes him, which will mean certain death for him.

  You can see he's looking for you with his good eye. Really.
  Contact Kim Johnson, ARPH GA, at, or Kim Kleppel at

  Click here to see videos and pictures of Boo!






  Kellen is a 3 month old australian cattle dog mix.  Kellen was discovered in a shelter and is
  being fostered in a private home by her rescuer.

  She has beautiful blue eyes, and very unique markings. Kellen is deaf and has a very minor vision
  impairment, I think its her peripheral vision that is limited.  I think she would do great with an older,
  more mature dog that could act as her playmate and guardian.  She needs a good strong
  home, preferably someone who has raised a deaf dog before.

 She loves to follow my great dane mix around everywhere and Lola acts like she's her baby.
 Kellen is neutered, updated shots except rabies (because she has to be four months old)
 micro-chipped and all.  

                   f you would like to make Kellen a part of your family, please contact Alexis @

  Kellen is located in So California.




  Sydney was found as a stray by a kind family that is taking care of her until her forever home
  can be found.  She is approximately 4 months old,  Sydney is crate trained and will sometimes
  wander back to her crate and take a nap.   This gorgeous girl is energetic and would do well
  with other doggie companions as playmates.  Sydney is in the process of learning proper
  potty etiquette and is partially housebroken.   She has been around cats, and will chase them
  if they run.   

  If you are interested in adopting Sydney, please send an email to @

  Sydney is located in Phoenix, Az.







  Quint is a beautiful and sweet  boy.  He is still learning house training and gets around his foster
  home very well.   Quint is also learning touch commands as he is deaf and can only see light changes.

  If you are interested in making Quint a part of your family, please contact Kathy at

   Quint is with the Sun Valley Animal Shelter in Glendale, Arizona.






TRISTAN is a 7 month old neutered blue merle male with a docked tail who is deaf.  He loves to be with his
owner and sleeps in the bed.  He is doing well in the house and learning to use a doggie door.  He is very friendly
and outgoing with people.  Tristan loves to play with toys and other dogs - good with cats.  Tristan was rescued
from the Sacramento animal shelter and weighs about 45 lbs.


If you're interested in adopting Tristan or learning more about him, contact





  Chaz is a very nice puppy who is full of energy and love.  He is Deaf and partially sighted
  and will need some special training.  We have a free consultation and training session
  included with Chaz's adoption to help you get started.  He is very enthusiastic and
  willing to learn.  He appears to get along with other dogs.  This guy needs a kind and
  patient person to work with his special needs but in the long run it will make him a better
  dog and his new owner would have a great life long friend.  A behavior consultation is
  also included.
  Chaz is a 10 month old male and weighs approximately 47 lbs.  He is located in Portland, OR. 
  If you are interested in making Chaz a part of your family, an adoption application can be
  found at








  My name is Angela, and I am looking for help for these 2 girls here in our shelter. They are both
  female siblings, around a year old. They are very beautiful with the coloring, but we are pretty sure
  they are deaf. We have been told this is called a Lethal White.They have adapted well here, and
  they depend on each other. They stand butt to butt, so they can see everything. When separated they
  cry for the other. They are very loving, and sweet, and get along great with the other dogs here.
  If anyone thinks they may be able to help us with placement, we sure would appreciate it. Please
  email, or you can reach me at (931)296-7319. Thanks,

  Waverly Animal Shelter
  Waverly, Tennessee




  Please meet Frannie. She is a bit plump but is certainly sweet and loving. This pic does not do her
  justice. Frannie had to be shaved down because ehr coat was matted. She has a sunburned nose
  from being left outside. She is good with kids and other animals. She is a 5 yr old, spayed female
  pure bred red merle Austrailian Shepherd. She would make an excellent addition to any family.
  Frannie is spayed and current on vaccinations.

  Pls call Jill at 602-604-8898, 602-809-8898 or email at

  Frannie is located in Arizona.



  Casa Grande puppies


  These 2 brothers and their sister are in need of a foster home.  All 3 are deaf but have good vision. 
  They are approximately 13 wks old.and are located in Casa Grande Arizona. 

  All 3 puppies have been adopted!!





  Muffin is a cute and active pup.  She has had no training and will need lots of it! Muffin was an
  outdoor dog in her previous home and now she would like to be inside and be a part of the family.
  She is very social and loves to play.  OHS would highly recommend a home with children over
  12 years of age.  Muffin is deaf and OHS will require a behavior consult before Muffin can
  go home.  Meet this sweet girl today and feel the love!!
  Muffin is 1.5 yrs old and weighs 66 lbs.  Visit Muffin's page to learn more about her:

 If you are interested in adopting Muffin, please contact the Oregon Humane Society @





  This is puppy.  She was found abandoned in the street.  She almost got run over because she
  would run towards the human faces in the cars.  She has never met a living thing she didn't
  want to play with.
  She is so smart and follows the other dog's lead so well , that I didn't realize at first that she was deaf!
  She doesn't really have a name, but if I had to name her, I'd call her Joy because that is what she
  exudes.  Puppy enjoys playing in the yard, she likes to explore, dig, and chase bugs.  She loves kids
  and other pets. 

  A perfect home for her would be a family with a fenced backyard, a hearing dog to guide her, and
  maybe some kids to play with.  She's a handful and has to be watched, but she's doing great on
  housebreaking and is learning sign language.  She can see, but only about 6 feet. 

  She has the happiest disposition ever.  I hope someone will give her a name and a forever home.

  If you are interested in adopting Joy, please contact Stephanie.

   Joy is located in Las Vegas, NV. 





  Brandy was born mid-February 2006. She is deaf, but sees perfectly.  She is exceptionally bright,
  very anxious to please, and a complete love.  She uses the doggie door, is learning hand signals,
  and has good house manners. She is not at all hyper, but loves to play with my other dogs and kids. 
  She would make a wonderful agility dog, or just a great pet for an active family. I would like to see her
  in a family with other dogs as she learns so much from watching them, and she loves the company.

  If you are interested in making Brandy a part of your family, please email




  Tess about about 4 to 5 months old, weighs 22 to 25 lbs.  She is very high energy and
  will need someone that is willing to work with her need to achieve.  She is a very busy
  puppy, and has even found her way out of the fence once already, which has been taken 
  care of.  She has had one round of shots, and her vaccinations will continue on a
  scheduled basis until they are current.  She will be spayed and microchipped also
  before leaving rescue, unless someone wants to adopt her before she is old enough
  to be spayed, then we want a contract.  Tess gets along with all the dogs in the foster
  home she is currently in.  She sees and hears, so thankfully there is no disability there. 
  She is just full of life, eager to please, loves to be with people.

or email

  Tess is located in Marion, Indiana






  Ziggy is a 5-6 month old neutered Aussie mix who is deaf and has limited vision.
  He is Mr. Personality! He's a very happy puppy who has fun all day playing with the 6
  other dogs at his foster home. He lis great at meeting new people and loves to snuggle.
  Ziggy is crate trained and housetrained to a doggie door.

  If you are interested in giving Ziggy a forever home, please contact:

                Diane Bercaw, Aussie Rescue SoCal, Inc.






  Baxter is a 3 year old neutered male aussie that is both blind and deaf.  Apparently his owner no
  longer wanted him.  Currently he has a kind benefactor that is paying for him to be boarded so that
  he has a place to go.  He loves life and is great with other animals and people.  He would be a
  wonderful companion.  Baxter is located in Grand Junction, Colorado.

  If you would like to make Baxter part of your family or foster him, please contact Cindy @

                    970-210-4048 or email her @

  to view a flyer from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, click on the link below....

                                                    Baxter's Flyer





   Chance is approximately 10 wks old.  Please read his story below:   

   3/6 - The first Saturday of every month we go to a local Horse Tack Auction--as planned we
   went last night--and upon arrival I spotted a pen holding 2 Aussie pups--I went over just to look
  (who can resist an Aussie pup>? LOL) anyway I noticed a double merle in the pen--immediately
  picked him up and checked for signs of hearing loss (he's deaf)  my husband walked up and told
  me to "put down the Aussie"---then he walked up beside me and saw what I was holding----he
  also immediately clapped his hands above the pups head without a flinch from him.   A lady
   walked up with her daughter--glanced at the red merle--then looked at the double merle in my
   arms--and asked if I was going to take it home---I told her we were thinking about it---she just
   stood there, her daughter told her she wanted the red merle in the pen------her mothers answer
  to her  sealed that the double was coming home with me----she told her daughter no she couldn't
  have the red merle because they had a blue merle at home and she wanted the blue I was holding
  to BREED to her female at home.   I explained that this pup was a "lethal white" who was by
   my investigations deaf and had a deformed eye----I also tried to tell her about merle to merle
   breeding and she told me basically that I was stupid--that she had had her female for 2 years
   and she had never heard of such a thing.  I looked at her in disbelief and my husband said,
   "I'm going to get the check book this boys coming home".  We both figured we could work with
   rescues and find this boy a home.  We are located in Virginia.
   We have had the pup, whom we have dubbed "Chance", home for about 10 hours now--he slept
   crated last night with walks every 2-3 hours.  He is extremely playful.  He can see--my horse vet
   is coming out tomorrow and she is also a small animal vet so I will have her take a look at Chance. 
   He seems to have no hearing at all.  I am going to attach a couple of pics of him. 

   Update 3/10:  Chance is doing very will with potty training and has not had any accidents in the
   house. He also loves being around the kids. 

   How fortunate for Chance and any of those puppies that may have been born, this wonderful
   couple happened by! 

   If you are interested in adopting Chance, please contact:








   Roma ARPH 8690
   Rory ARPH 8691

   These 2 siblings were turned into the shelter by their owners after they turned up heartworm positive.
   They are just over a year old and very bonded to each other.  They have both completed heartworm
    treatments are are ready for new homes.

   Roma is a red merle female and is deaf.  She is outgoing and loving, she is the dog that gives her
   brother confidence.  She is a quick learner and readily crates.  She is friendly and easy going.

   Rory is a red merle with a split factor.  He is a bit shyer than his sister and depends on her to lead
   him even though he is the hearing dog.  Rory is a bit of a barker and loves to watch out for his sister.
   They love to run and play together.  Both are very athletic and can easily jump a 4 ft fence.  They are
   crate trained and housebroken.  They would be good agility candidates and we would like to place
   them in a home together...where the 2 of them would be much easier than just 1 dog. 

   If you are interested in adopting this pair, please contact
                  Kim Johnson at  or call 912-572-3045.

   Roma and Rory are located in the Savannah Georgia area.





   Sadie will be arriving soon to Amazing Aussies.  She was born on 12/25/05 and currently weighs in
   at 5 lbs.  She is considered a miniature Australian Shepherd.  She loves to run and play and comes
   to your voice.  Sadie is very  visually impaired but is able to hear.  And she loves to cuddle!!! 
   She is a beautiful girl with that adorable little bit of color on her ear.

   Sadie was so adorable...she was adopted before she officially came to Amazing Aussies rescue.
   How wonderful for Sadie to have already found her forever home!

   A special thanks to those that made it possible for this little sweetie to find such a loving home.









   Teton is a three month old baby girl.  She has no hearing, but decent vision
    right now.  Her left eye is substantially small, but we think she has most
    of her vision in her right eye.  She is natural, with a tail and dew-claws.
    She was found wandering in a busy street and picked up by the pound.  She
    was to be put down since no one claimed her.  She is currently in our care
    as a foster dog.  She is very outgoing, very feisty and gets along great
    with all our kids.

   She is VERY high functioning and like all Aussies, too smart for her own
   We are still working on house training (she thinks it's cool to go on the
   stairs where it is difficult to get her quickly), but she is crate trained
   and makes a very little fuss.

   If you are interested in adopting this little girl, please contact:

                              Lisa @ 435-752-3534 (leave message)

                                       Four Paws Rescue
                                          Logan, UT







   ARPH:  8654

 Ana-Lucia was rescued from a high kill North Georgia Shelter with her mother and 7 siblings.

 Ana-Lucia (Lola as her foster home calls her) is our special needs puppy of the litter. You see
 she is deaf and has a starburst pupil in one eye which sometimes can mean that there is
 vision impairment. But don't let this fool you, Ana-Lucia is full of personality and isn't shy about
 making her wants and needs known! She loves playing with the other dogs in her foster home,
 especially the other deaf Aussie. Ana will need a fenced in yard to protect her from her own
 curiosity and another doggie to help lead her. Deaf dogs are not dumb, and training them is
 just as easy as a hearing dog.

 For more information on living with one of these wonderful pets, please visit

 Ana-Lucia is a beautiful red merle with a full tail and gorgeous crystal blue eyes. She is up to
 date on vaccinations and heartworm medication. Ana-Lucia is fostered in Griffin, GA.  

 If you are interested in Ana please contact Rachael Eley at
 The first step to adopting an Aussie is to fill out an online application at

 All puppies will be adopted on a spay/neuter contract. This procedure must be performed by the
 age of 6 months.

 We will consider out of state adoptions and airline transport of this dog at the owner's expense. 







    ARPH:  8815

    In February, we were informed by another rescue volunteer of a deaf Aussie in a local shelter who
    was about to be put to sleep. Yet another rescue volunteer was able to transport him from the
   Carroll  County Shelter to our special needs foster home. Thank you Cathy Saye and Betty Jo Ware
   for bringing our attention to this wonderful dog.

    Luke is a wonderful pure white Aussie with a tail, and has two beautiful crystal blue eyes. Luke is
   from a merle to merle breeding and is deaf. But don't let that stop you from considering him.
   His foster home reports that anyone adopting him, is getting an absolute gem. He is extremely
   well behaved and just as sweet as they come. He is a smaller male at around 47 pounds, and he
   needs to lose a few vanity pounds. Once this is accomplished he will be a small dog by Aussie
   male standards.

   At the moment, Luke is struggling with a bad case of kennel cough, and will not be available for a
   few weeks. He will be neutered as soon as he is strong enough to undergo anesthesia.
   Once his  treatment is finished, he will have no permanent effects from this illness. Despite all
   the treatment he has undergone, his foster home reports that he is a gentleman and takes it all in
   stride. He is starting to play a little and his appetite is picking up.

   Please check back for current pictures of this handsome boy. Deaf dogs are not dumb, and those
   who own these amazing pets report that they are often easier to train than hearing dogs. For
   more information about living with deaf dogs, please visit the website

   If you are interested in adopting Luke, the first step to inquiring is to fill out an application online
   at We are also asking for donations to help with his kennel cough
   treatment. Please contact Rachael Eley at  for more information.
  This dog is fostered in Griffin, GA.






   Tate ARPH #8695    

   Tate is a ten week old blue merle puppy who is a bundle of fun. Tate is the product of merle
   to merle  breeding and is deaf and has vision limits in one eye. He has had two sets of puppy shots
   now and is a happy healthy boy.

   Tate was minutes away from being euthanized when we were contacted about saving him,
   sadly his brother was not as lucky and he did not make it to us.

   Tate has been a happy boy since we have had him, he does well in a crate, loves to ride and
   really enjoys his toys.  He would like to have a buddy to play with and is a quick learner.
   He will require a securely fenced yard to help keep him safe.

   Tate has a world of possibilities in front of him, he is a thankful boy to have been spared death,
   he gives wonderful puppy kisses and will be happy to prove to you that deaf dogs are not dumb dogs.
   If you are interested in learning more about deaf dogs, please visit

   The first step to adopting an Aussie is to fill out an online application at

   If you are interested in adopting or sponsoring Tate,
   please contact Kim Johnson at 

   All puppies will be adopted on a  spay/neuter contract. This procedure
   must be performed by the age of 6 months.

    We will consider out of state adoptions and airline transport of this dog at the owner's expense. 

    Tate is located in the Savannah Georgia area.








  Here's an update on Molly from her foster mom:

   Molly has an appointment with our vet for March 8, next Wednesday to have the cyst on her eye and a few bumps
   on her head and back removed. Also get her teeth cleaned :)
   Dr Martin says that she should weigh between 25 and 30 pounds. She weighs 38 :(   She is on a diet.

   Molly has a very gentle soul and is very smart. She doesn't bark, walks perfectly on a leash, dances when she is
   happy (usually in conjunction with food, walks or car rides). And she is really excellent with my spoiled cats.
   The only two issues are her weight and her deafness. Both caused by severe neglect. I'm still wiping dark matter from
   her ears but have given up any hope that she will ever hear again.

   Molly has been Frontlined, earmited, wormed, vaccinated, nails clipped (she couldn't walk properly because of her
   long nails), and she has had a flea bath (Molly was so badly infested with fleas that her bath water ran a true red).
   I must find someone who will love and dote on her like she needs and deserves. I'm terrified that she will be tied
   up in a backyard all alone.

   Molly comes with a return guarantee. If for any reason, she can no longer be cared for by her new people, she can
   always come back to me.

   Molly originally belonged to an elderly lady. I believe Molly was cared for, taught manners and dearly loved by this lady.
   Then, unfortunately, the lady had to go into a nursing home. Molly was then given to another elderly lady with
   hoarding tendencies who lives in a tiny filthy travel trailer. She also had 7 cats she kept in 1 medium sized dog
   carrier, standing in each other's urine and under a heavy quilt with no cat pan or water. They were let out to eat
   and drink when the lady remembered them and felt like it. Molly had been living in hell for the last 2 to 3 years.

   Click on Molly's name to see her poster!    If you are interested in adopting this special girl, please contact Ginger:


   Molly is located in Ellensburg, Washington







     Kaiden is an owner surrender, and has a birth date of 11-27-05 so he is barely 3 months old.  He
     has starburst eyes and it looks like one is slightly crossed but seems to see pretty well.  Maybe
     some impairment but not too much. He is very thin.
     Ok info on this guy that I have observed... he is probably the sweetest puppy I have ever met.....
     instead of chewing on you every time you try to pet him, he just absorbs it like a sponge. 
     He loves to be near you, I think it is re-assuring when he can see us.  I think he would love
     another dog to live with and help him out.  So far he gets along great with every dog he has met. 
     He does fine with my dog friendly cats and my son likes him because he doesn't jump on
     him or chew on him.  This little guy loves to follow my son around like a shadow, so he's
     also great with young children, (my son is 20 months).

    If you are interested in adopting Kaiden, please contact Michelle:


                           Kaiden is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado














      These little cuties are approximately 6 wks old.  All 6 puppies were dumped at an abandoned house. 
      The neighbors called the town marshall and he brought them in.  They were fine, fat, healthy, CLEAN, and
      well socialized pups when they came in.  They were just dumped.  They were only at the
      house overnight and must have been well taken care of before they were abandoned.

      Only Legolas seems to be vision impaired and has an appointment with the vet
      for a better evaluation.  He does seem to see shadows and shapes.

       If you are interested in fostering or adopting one of these sweet babies, please see below for contact information:

                      For Gimli  -contact Shannon

                       For Arwen, Pippen, Aragorn or Legolas - contact Zee
Happy PAWs Animal Rescue

                      located in West Central Indiana


                                                    UPDATE -   Elrond has been adopted!! 

                                                    UPDATE -   Gimli has been adopted!!


  ** we believe that all 5 puppies were adopted**







Cody is a nice dog. He seems ok with the cats but would not be good with chickens. He needs to
have a forever home of his own. If you would like to meet him give us a call.  Cody is neutered and
current on vaccinations.   If you are interested in Cody, please contact:

Peggy's Pups Coonhound Rescue
Crawfordsville, IN






  Fate Unknown

Sketch is sitting here in my lap, the cutest thing on 4 feet. He's white with just one dark ear and
he would so like someone to love him for life. You have to be a very special person though,
because Sketch is deaf. Other than that, Sketch is just a normal little guy who likes to romp and
play and have a good time. He would really enjoy a nice fenced yard to run in and a great big lap
to sit in until he grows up. Come see this fluffy little guy and see what you think.

If you are interested in adopting Sketch or would like more information about him, please contact

Woodford Humane Society
Versailles, KY








       BeBe is a special - special needs girl. She is deaf and blind, but gets around the shelter office
       like nobody's business. She learns her surroundings quickly, and is confident and easy with her      
       disability.   BeBe is a charmer and gets along very well with other dogs and cats. We are looking
       for a very special INDOOR ONLY family for this amazing young lady.


       If you would like more information or would like to give BeBe her Forever Home,
       please contact

      BeBe is located at the Dearborn County Animal Shelter in Aurora, Indiana.





Domino is a 2-3 yr. old neutered male Aussie. He was rescued from the South L A shelter where he was
dumped by his owners for being deaf. He is 50 pounds of love bug and is having a wonderful time at his
foster home playing with his five canine roommates. He is learning the routine very quickly including the
doggie door, walking on a leash and hand signals. He loves life! Whether it's going on a walk, riding in the
car or just hanging out by the pool, he's a very happy boy. He meets all people and dogs with a wiggle
and loves to be cuddled. He would make a wonderful companion; loves to be with his person. Domino is
housebroken and UTD on vaccinations.


Domino is fostered in Pasadena, CA
contact Diane Bercaw, Aussie Rescue SoCal, Inc.


Bounce (aka Ais)


Bounce (also known as Ais) is an 8 week old 'lethal white' aussie puppy (8 weeks as of 1/6/06).
Lethal White Aussies are a result of irresponsible breeding. Bounce was born both deaf and blind
and then dropped off at a shelter. Bounce will require a special home where she is loved, kept safe
 and will be forever with her new family. Unfortunately for this little girl, she will never get to experience
 the sight of this world nor the voices of her loving family. Despite her challenges, Bounce is growing
 into a happy, playful sweet pup that deserves a great life.


If you are interested in being a forever home for Bounce / Ais (pronounced Ice), please contact Deb.





Sheltie Available for Adoption!

Winter is a striking five year old male white sheltie that was the result of breeding two merle gene
parents. He is a fairly shy but well-behaved young guy. He has become more social while in our
program male. He was turned into our program because he is deaf and currently very very shy.
Because of his limited socialization he will need considerable adjustment time and patience to
change that behavior. We believe this resulted from being crated for a considerable, perhaps majority,
portion of his life. As a result, he was not properly socialized. Despite his shyness, he has been very
docile at his foster family and is showing some signs of coming out of his shell although, again, we
are talking about the need for a very lengthy adjustment period. We think he deserves a very loving
and patient family. He is comfortable with other dogs and they may help him adjust. He will probably
do well with cats. Probably would require older kids.

Winter is healthy, neutered, microchipped, and current on vaccinations

Patient persons interested in Winter should contact Phyllis Watson 480-464-1269. An application and
adoption fee will be required.

Helen Keller


 Helen Keller is a tiny white fluff ball located in Beebe, Arkansas.

 Imagine driving down the road and seeing a little dog walking unsteady and spinning in the middle
of the road. What would you do? Well two wonderful people stopped and got out to help her. She
spun around in confusion and they *knew* she had been hit by a car. Imagine their surprise, when
they lifted her up, to find she had no eyes. Please meet our Helen Keller.

Helen is a young adult and has a full life ahead of her. When we discovered she was also deaf, we took her into our vet and she gave her an otherwise clean bill of health. Helen gets around remarkably well for a dog who can't see and here. You should see her nose in action. When she smells you coming she starts dancing around and wiggling until you hold her. When you life her up she snuggles into your neck and sighs. Helen will require a very special home. She does have a friend or two here she plays with, but in general she doesn't like other dogs jumping on her and playing with her, which could be simply because she is scared. When dinner is put on the table... she smells it from a mile away and wants to share... She is working on her crate training... getting better everyday. She would much more enjoy sleeping in your bed. Helen needs someone who will see how special she is... and know its not her blindness or deafness that make her special... but it's her loving trusting personality from a girl who can't see and hear. The way she wiggles when she smells you and the way her whole body melts with a little affection. She needs someone who will protect her because she is defenseless in a harsh world. We would prefer a fenced yard for her safety, although applications will be screened on a case by case basis. If your not ready to make a commitment to this little girl, but she has touched your heart, please consider making a donation in Helen's honor to our Humane Society. Thank you for reading about our Helen.

 Read her story here.

 Contact the Beebe Humane Society in Beebe, AR. The phone number is 501-882-5281. If you have
 an interest in Helen, here are the
adoption procedures






Missy is just about a year old. She is deaf but can see just fine. She was turned in because she has
started to bark at the horses at her owners home. She is good with other dogs and is being crate
trained. On October 6 Missy gave birth to 8 puppies.  Please follow this link to see pictures and
for more information. If you would like to donate towards the puppies care, please visit our
About Us page.






Cameron (aka Cammie) was rescued from a local area shelter. She is very puppyish - loves to run
and play with other dogs and seems to get along fine with the ones she has met so far. She likes
to play with toys and can often be found carrying a toy in her mouth. Tug-o-war is her favorite game.
When it’s hot, she loves the kiddie pool to cool off and does well for baths. 

Cameron is primarily white with some blue merle, and she has blue eyes.
Cameron is deaf and does have some vision impairment.

 **Note - Cameron has since been returned to Austin Tx Aussie Rescue on 7/06.  She is once again
    available and will be featured on Coast to Coast.







Jill came to us from the pound with her sister Jackie. Jackie was a beautiful merle and got adopted
right away. Jill is just as pretty, but she is deaf and blind. In the dog world, this is called "lethal white."
Jill is highly intelligent and should lead a relatively normal life with responsible owners. She will need
a fenced yard. We have people within our organization that have lethal white australian shepherds
as part of their families. They would be happy to chat with you if you consider adopting this dog. Right
now she is in a foster home with young children and other pets and is doing really well.


  **Note**  Though no fault of hers, Jill is again available for adoption.  Her new information is on our
     Coast  to Coast page.

  **Update **Jill has been adopted by a wonderful family.





Buddy is a beautiful, blue-eyed male Australian Shepherd mix (maybe Golden Retriever?) He is
4 to 5 years old. Buddy is patient and gentle with children, and never gets mad at his canine foster
sisters and brother, but he is not always reliable with cats. He is better with cats inside and once
he gets to know them.  He is playful, enthusiastic, and always happy, and needs a yard to play in. 
Buddy is nearly deaf and has learned some sign language, including sit, shake, down, stay and
roll over. He is very attentive, smart, and trainable.  He LOVES to play ball! He is also house-trained
and reliable left loose in the house. He is crate-trained although he sometimes complains about the
confinement at first.







Laertes is the brother of Ophelia.  He does have some hearing and vision and as you can see is very handsome.  Laertes DOB is 11/05/05









   Ophelia is the sister of Laertes.  She has some hearing and vision and is quite the beautiful
   little girl.  Her DOB is 11/05/05.

   Ophelia is being fostered by Texas Aussie Rescue Association (TARA), Inc. 

    If you are interested in either fostering or adopting Ophelia please contact:





Quigley came to us from the pound as a puppy. He was adopted by a family that decided they weren't
equipped to handle his disability. Quigs is partially deaf and blind. He needs a fenced yard so he doesn't
wander away. He's very attentive and loves affection. In these photos, he's been shaved for the summer,
but normally he has a beautiful and fluffy coat. You can see he has beautiful merle markings. Quigley is
housetrained and would be a great companion for someone that is home a lot and can give him the
attention and supervision that he needs. He loves to play and would love to be in a home with a dog
similar in age and size to play with. The adoption fee for this dog is $100 which includes the spay/neuter.
We show dogs by appointment only. If you would like to meet this dog, please call Lisa at (435) 752-3534
(leave message) or email us at


Kaulani - (k-lani)



I am trying to locate someone to help. I received an Aussie who is now about 8 months old. She could
never hear but is now going blind. She walks into things and hurts herself. We don't have the financial
ability to help this puppy although we have tried. If you know of someone or somewhere we can put her,
it would be great. We didn't know she was deaf or blind when we received her. A friend’s dog got out
and had a litter. He gave us the puppy because she was the last one. We just recently found out about
the merle gene when she got out and we lost her. She was picked up by the humane society and they
couldn't believe we showed up to get her. I was surprised our vet never mentioned this before.  She has
been fixed and has all her shots. She is very cute and very docile. She is great in the house and very
quiet until she goes outside.

 Please contact Stef Gustafson, 808-934-3630, e-mail



Pin Ball



Fate Unknown

Foster Home or Adoptive Home needed for Pinball

Hello, I am with the Animal Rescue Foundation of Mobile, AL.  We have recently received a blind and
deaf puppy.  He appears to have been born this way.  We are a no kill organization and have no intention
of putting him down but we have no idea of how to proceed with this puppy.  We've all lost our hearts to
him, he will just cuddle in the most loving way when ever you pick him up.  But he is still so young and I
believe he hasn't even learned to eat properly because he's not chewing his food, he's swallowing it whole
and he stay's bloated all the time.  The vet is telling us to give him small portions several times a day to
keep him from bloating but we don't know if this is something physical or related to something he should
have learned with his littermates.  I just hope this is something you can give us some pointers on or better,
if you know of a group that specializes in helping blind and deaf puppies that may be willing to take Pin Ball.

Please contact us at






Angel is the result of an accidental breeding and is 6 weeks old and has had her first shots. She is deaf
and visually impaired but can see well enough to get around. Angel is located here in the Phoenix area
If interested please contact Sue at 602-404-4185 or 602-540-5530






  7.5 yrs., medium to large size (Updated 12-14-06)

  Dusty needs a loving retirement home. He is very friendly, very playful, and very loveable. Notice his
  sweet smile too?! Dusty travels well in a car, and has never had any type of training, but walks on a
  leash perfectly.  Dusty is deaf. He has blue eyes and one is smaller, but he can see just fine.

  Because his family has moved to a smaller home and Dusty has a preference for females (and
  doesn't really care for the other male dog he lives with), he would be happier with a new family. 
  Dusty is current on vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and neutered.

  You don't have to be "special" to love and own a deaf dog--it's not that hard! We don't recommend
  a deaf dog for families with very young kids since there is always a concern for safety regarding doors
  and gates. A secure yard is a must.

  Contact Cynthia for more information at or call 361-876-4905.


  Dusty is located in Corpus Christi, Texas



Fate Unknown


COLORADO - GRACIE is a two-year-old, double merle or lethal white, spayed, female Australian Shepherd. Gracie is both deaf and blind. Her right eye is so small that it is nearly non-existent; her left eye is visible, but she does not have any vision in it.  

Gracie came into a local shelter with several other dogs as part of a cruelty case several monthsago. The shelter foster care volunteer has made great progress with her, and Gracie is now ready for a new home. We have been asked to take her and find that special home for her.


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