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For the love of Star

As anyone who works in the rescue world knows, all the animals that we care for are special. Whether they are cats, dogs, rabbits, rats or birds they are all special. Occasionally, one animal in our care stands out from the rest as an exceptional
rescue. Star was one such dog. For all those who were lucky enough to have had Star touch their lives and for those who 
never had the opportunity to meet her, we have put together a series of pictures showing off some of her antics. Please
enjoy her being the loving clown that she was. She would look up at you so many times with those big eyes just yelling  "
please, please...somebody please put your hands on me!! ".  She just wanted to be loved, so please, enjoy her pictures.


          hmmmm..wonder if I can jump in that pond??                      I'm right here....did you want me for something?


                   Taking a siesta on the cool tile floor                                       hanging out with the gang


                    Joey says "come out and play Star!"                          my eyes are getting verrryyy heavy


                       lining up for some petting                                      wait...there's someone else. Let's head that way!


      It's much more comfie being on a cushion off the sofa!                                a big hug from Jim


                               out for a stroll                                                                        woo hoo!  Let's play!


               I think I can squeeze just a little closer.....                        playing with this tug is exhausting work


                    what you got there Sugar?                                                     Come on Chloe!  Let's go run!


                                  A perfect pose                                               a little tug competition with Sugar


                              Just call me Smiley!                                              As good a spot as any for a snooze


                  Come on Chloe...I see a bird in yard!                                        Kaile and Star relax together


                              Geez this feels good!                                       Look what I found...did you need it for anything?


                                   It's playtime!                                                   Where you lead....I'll follow....


                       finally snuck into that pond!                                   they'll never notice I've been in the pond!


          What's that on your face?  pond muck? Busted!!                           This is a perfect size water bowl!


       Best place to sleep and hide from the rest of the gang                          Don't look at me!  Joey did it!


                              check out that reflection!                                    OK Chad...throw that old yukky tug...


                  relaxing with a chew toy                                                                 C'mon Chloe...let's play


                     Love this blinky toy                                                Sugar and Star looking for a dropped treat


             up on the table and looking in the window                        maybe no one will notice if I sneak by with this toy


                                                                            Forever in our hearts.....



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