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In Loving Memory






A special thank you to your foster mom for loving and taking such good care of you

RIP sweet boy and see you at the bridge...










Miss you sweet boy and your big bear paws.  Taken from us too young...

Hope you are playing with big tug toys at the bridge






Skippy do....We miss you....We will always love you....
and sometimes life is just not fair






 In January 2010, Sir Walter of Yorkshire peacefully crossed over the rainbow bridge. 
We miss your big beautiful eyes, the way you told us exactly what you wanted, your "left"pawness 
and your Ohhh Wally antics  every single day big guy.....





In Memory of Haley





Haley came to us by pure luck.  She was scheduled to be euthanized because
she was too old to adopt out...way too thin.... had skin tumors and was deaf and blind. 
One of ourvolunteers happened to be at the shelter to pick up a foster for us, and saw a very sad
and broken spirit a couple of kennels over....we ultimately named her Hayley.

There was no way we were going to let this old gal end her life in such a sad manner.
Someone  had loved her for many years and it's beyond us as to how she could have come to this fate.

So...Hayley came to Amazing Aussies, if nothing else but to have a dignified passing.

Happily, she surprised us.  Hayley ate wonderfully and started to put on weight.
We took her to the vet to be checked out, and other than the skin tumors, was basically
a healthy...just old sweetie.  Her tail never stopped wagging.  She loved just being in the
same room with a person and hanging out.  And did I mention...her tail never stopped wagging?

For almost a year, we enjoyed her company and she rewarded us with her love and companionship.

Hayley, we are so thankful we had you in our life and we miss your special presence.
I know your tail is thumping away at the Rainbow Bridge.....

And in honor of Hayley we ask...that you please consider adopting a senior dog or cat.

The rewards are endless.....





This sweet and beautiful boy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, June 8, 2009.
Dudley touched the hearts of all us at Amazing Aussies and his time with us was cut too short.

May you run free without pain Dudley boy.  We love and miss you....

God's Garden

God looked around His garden
And He found an empty place
He then looked down upon the earth
And saw your precious face

He put His arms around you
And lifted you to rest;
God' s Garden must be beautiful
He always takes the best.

He knew that you were suffering
He knew you were in pain
He knew you' d never ever
Get well on earth again.

So He closed your weary eyelids
And whispered " Peace be thine "
Then He took you up to Heaven
With Hands so gentle and kind.

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you did not go alone,
For part of us went with you
The day God welcomed you home.

Author Unknown


In Loving Memory of our baby Jolie



    Our sweet baby Jolie crossed the rainbow bridge on Tuesday, March 3, 2009.  She fought bravely to beat the
    illness that attacked her little body.  In the end, distemper won and stole her away from us. 
    Yes, a preventable illness took her life.  Jolie touched many hearts in her too short life with us. 
    She loved to romp and play, to snuggle and sleep on your chest, to nibble your chin or finger, to chew her
    teddy bear's ear, and the feel of the grass on her paws and soft breezes on her face. 
                                       We miss you and love you baby.  You will live forever in our hearts.

  I found this poem and it seemed fitting.  I'm unsure who the author is...

A Special Place

You have a special place, Dear Lord
that I know you always keep.
A special place reserved for dogs,
to peacefully fall asleep.
A place with fluffy pillows ,
and a yard for hiding bones.
With maybe a little babbling creek,
that rushes over stones.
With wide green fields and flowers,
for those who never knew,
of running, playing freely,
under a sky of perfect blue.
Lord, I know you keep this special place,
and so I pray to you,
for one oh so special dog,
who came to you today.
She was full of strength and love,
and so very, very wise.
The puppy look she once had,
this morning left her eyes.
She will be dearly missed Dear Lord,
This special love of mine.
But, now she'll romp and play,
in your land that's so divine.
Speak to my baby softly, please
with a hug and a warm hello.
She's a special gift to you, Dear Lord,
from me- who loved her so.

Click here to visit The Rainbow Bridge





On Wed March 4, 2009 I had to make the hard decision of letting my Kearra go.  Almost no dog survives the  fatal disease (DIC)
that took her.  She was the sunshine, the light of my life.  She was constantly at my side.  She loved going out on outings with  me and everyone we encountered she had to greet with her beautiful smiles and wagging tail.  She is my greatest gift to God.  I will always cherish
the memories, the wonderful times we had together, especially how she made me laugh, how she played with her toys, how she playfully tormented the cat, and above all how she gave me unconditional love.  She will always be in my heart. 
 Enjoy the Rainbow Bridge Kearra, someday we will see each other again"




It's with broken hearts that we post this 3 month old baby as having crossed the bridge
instead of as a new arrival.  She was to have come to us with Ben from a New Mexico
shelter.  She broke with parvo the night before our arrival. 

We asked our contact to get her into the vet for some fluids and a test.   The news
came back that Josie was very ill and the best thing to do was let her go to the Bridge.   She was
surrounded by people who cared in a veterinary office as she left us.   At least she did not have to die at the pound,
but was held with gentle hands.  

Please keep this little one in your thoughts and know that she is running happy and free in the good company of all
our babies who have gone before.   We could not let her cross the bridge without a name.... and so one was given to her
by one of our foster/volunteers. 

And to little Josie.....know that there are those that loved you in this life.....and will remember you always...





We were notified about this little 8 wk old baby girl at an Idaho shelter and were excited that she
found a forever home even as we were making plans to bring her to AZ.  Sadly, fate was not on her side
as she came down with Parvo.  Her new family  tried to save her, but this deadly disease was too
too much for her little body and she crossed over the rainbow bridge.

We're thankful that she knew what love was like even for a short time....




baby blind puppy

Little baby....although your body was not kind to you, we would have wanted you 
to cross the bridge in the arms of someone that loves you unconditionally.  We're so sorry
we weren't given that opportunity.  Rest in peace baby.  You're not forgotten....






Notes from our Coast to Coast page....

Charlie is a young boy of undisclosed parents so we're not too sure exactly what breed to define him.
  Whatever he is, one things for sure, he is a cutie. Charlie is about the best dog I've ever met. He plays
  well with other dogs, with people and all by himself. When Charlie is done playing outside, he'll grab a
  toy, lay down and play quietly. Charlie is housebroken and crate trained. He loves rope toys and playing
  chase with the other dogs. Some folks might think Charlie isn't "perfect" because he was born with
  microopthamalia: his eyes never fully developed so he can't see. Charlie doesn't find this to be a
  problem at all. He is voice trained and will "find me" when asked. He can find his toys, his crate and
  anything else he wants. The attached photo is a few months old. Charlie has grown to his full weight of 40 lbs.
Charlie is located in Richardson, TX.

** Note** Charlie was euthanized.   May you run free and happy at the rainbow bridge....



Notes from our Coast to Coast page....

 Misty is a sweet pure bred female Australian Shepard, who is about 8 months old. She’s mostly
  white with some tan splotches. Misty is a Lethal White, causing her to be deaf & having some slight
  vision problems as well. Though it is impolite to discuss a lady’s weight, she currently clocks in at
  40 lbs & will soon be spayed. Misty’s playful & likes to romp with most other dogs.

  She has a tendency to be a tad rough with cats & because of her deafness, she cannot process the
  warnings of other dogs. This causes her not to cope well with nervous or aggressive dogs. Misty loves
  to play in water & is mostly housebroken (but would be fully so with a little more work). Unfortunately,
  this blessing has picked up a few bad habits such as landscaping (a.k.a. digging) & chewing on
  various items which may resemble her dog toys. Her afternoons are spent outside sunning, napping,
  & chasing cars along the fence line. We are trying to find a good & loving home for this puppy as
  our other dog is a nervous breed & doesn’t enjoy this furry companion. We can deliver Misty within a
   reasonable from our home, but can discuss other travel arrangements if the distance is too great.

 **Note**  We are sad to report that Misty was euthanized for escaping her yard one too many times....




10/31/07 - 1/7/08

Frosty was truly a great little guy.  He was very loved the last few weeks of his life by his foster mom Barb and her
Sophie and Whiskey.  He taught us all about the courage and love that such a little guy can have in the face of adversity.
He really changed our lives.




12/13/03 - 12/21/07

It's with a heavy heart I have to inform you the passing of Callie. She was sent to heaven after her seizures would not stop.
She brought so much love and joy to me and my family the 3 1/2 short years Callie was with us.






  "Stevie Wonder" was born November 1, 2005. His six brothers and sister look like normal
  Border Collies, but Stevie was born almost completely blind and deaf. He can see some light
  and sometimes responds to loud, high-pitched sounds. Because of his white coloring, we suspect
  his disabilities are due to "merle-to-merle" breeding.

Stevie is very sweet, but his family has recently moved in with relatives and a baby joined the pack too.
  He is not able to get all the time he needs. Stevie's family is hoping and praying that someone will
  want to work with him--he has not really been trained yet, but is very responsive--and give him a loving

There are many resources on training and living with deaf/blind dogs. See Amazing Aussies for lots of
  helpful information. You don't have to be "special" to love and own a "special needs" dog--it's not that
  hard! We don't recommend families with young kids since there is always a concern for safety
  regarding doors and gates, and a secure yard is a must.

 Stevie was located in Austin, Texas

**note**  sadly Stevie was euthanized simply because he had no place to go....



Though fate dealt you a bad hand, know that you touched many hearts with all of us
that hoped to save you.  You won't recognize the name we gave you at the bridge, but
we couldn't send you there without one.  You will forever be a reminder to those of us in rescue as to
why we do what we do.  You now know no illness, hunger, or loneliness.

To borrow the words of one that cared "God speed Austin.  You are in some great company at the bridge"





  This cute little boy is located in Cabot, AR.  He has a great temperament although he is a little skittish.
  Hard telling what he has been through.  He gets along well with other dogs and loves kids.

     We are sad to report this sweet boys fate was to be put to sleep.  He had been adopted out, only to
     be dumped again at a shelter by the wife of a serviceman deployed overseas.  She apparently
     did not want to take care of him.   Even  when the shelter was contacted by another rescue working
     to finding him a foster home, they opted to not give him a chance and euthanized him.  This was a fate
     he did not deserve......

   Rest in peace Cowboy.  We will look for you at the bridge....



The angels opened their arms wide and in heavenly harmony
sang "Welcome home sweet DARLIN, welcome home."

Darlin was put to sleep today for medical reasons. She was 15 Year's young and had a good life.
Her brother Fred & sister Wilma & all her siblings welcome her and all run free together.With Heavy Heart
Lovingly missing You.



04/26/1994 - 07/11/2006

Dying brings such pain, dying suddenly even more.

Last night I had a dream, and a wish I could have. It wasn’t for money, or a Mansion or fancy cars. I simply wished for one more day with you Rhiannon.

One more day, one more time, one more sunset and maybe I would be satisfied.

But then again, I know what that would do, but make me wish for just one more day with you.

You were my gentle kind spirit, my kindred spirit.

To know and to love a dog and to be loved unconditionally by a dog, is to truly live. For by so doing you have seen and felt the miracle of what this life is all about.

You have taken a part of my heart with you Rhiannon , that shall never heal or be replaced. But you gave me so much more, and I will love you forever.

I love you girl, and always will.


Nov 11 1990- June 6 2006

My beloved Buffy passed away today. She was with me since she was 8 weeks old.  Buffy was my little Primadona .
My Heart is in Pain and I miss her so. 

"In the Candle's Glow"
Warm light coming from far below,
Twinkling, sparkling is the candle's glow.
All is well up on the ridge,
The place we know as Rainbow Bridge.
Furbabies sleeping in heaven's light,
Tended by candles in the night.
Peaceful dreams be theirs to keep,
As they slumber in this night so deep.
Hearts on earth that miss them so,
Take comfort in the candle's glow.
Watching for them in skies above,
Bound eternally by a cord of love.

Laura Hickman




  It is with great sorrow that we tell you Teagan has passed away.  Teagan came into my life on October 29, 1990.  I wanted another dog;
  I wanted a small dog because I was living in an apartment.  When I saw Tig she was so cute and tiny, I fell in love with her at first site.

  I named her Tempestuous Teagan Lee, just a tiny ball of fluff, perfectly white paws, and the cutest face.  I had just met Steve, and I knew
  what a good guy he was by the way he played with her and would carry her down the stairs so she could go.  He always kept her in his
  lap when he watched TV.  You would have thought she was his.  I thank Teagan for showing me what a good person he is. 

  Tiggie was always a happy little girl, she loved going places in the car, and she loved her walks and especially loved getting groomed. 
  When Blue came along she was even happier.  As soon as I would turn the corner to Steve’s house she would start barking her head off. 
  She wanted to get to Steve and Blue.  We took Teagan everywhere with us, camping at the dunes and cinders, camping at the lake, in
  the boat, on our bike, and even out to dinner.  She got a lot of attention from everyone and she loved it.

  Teagan was never one to not tell you how she felt, if she was mad you would know it.  If she was hungry you better drop what you are
  doing and feed her NOW!  We had many pet names for her Tiggles, Tiglet, Muffin, The Queen, and Steve’s Dad called her Twiggy. 
  And the one that made her really mad was Dork.  Steve would call her that and she would go after him. Once she jumped up and put
  holes in Steve’s favorite boat shirt.    

  Teagan was always in charge she just let us and Blue think we were.  When Roosti came Teagan took really good care of her.  She
  became her hearing dog, playmate and best buddy.  Now Roosti has been watching out for her sister.  This weekend I put Tig outside
   to sun herself.  I put down a few blankets so it would be nice and soft.  I placed Tiggie there and a few minutes later I went to check on
  her.   Roosti was right by her side, watching over her sister.  I think she knew it was time.

  I love all my “girls” but Teagan has a special place in my heart, she knew when I was sad or upset.  She would wiggle her way into my
  lap and lick my face.   She led us to the rescue work we do today and ultimately to our boy Mic.  I can never thank her for everything she
  gave to me, unconditional love, puppy kisses and a good barking at when I needed it. She has brought me so much, more joy,
  more happiness, and endless love.  We will miss our Tiggles.

Steve and Phyllis
Roosti and Micky




         CGC, NJ, NJP, NAP, OJP, PG1
October 22, 1997 - April 14, 2006

           In memory of our beloved boxer girl who left this world far too soon.  Ali enjoyed life more than any dog I know.  She loved
           everybody     (human & canine) that she met, as well as the sport of agility.  I always knew she was a special girl, I just never
           knew how many hearts & lives she touched in her time here.   She has given strength and inspiration to other dog owners who
          are fighting cancer in their pets.  She was loved by many and missed by all.  Ali will be in our hearts forever.

           The Kettelhuts

           Randy, Amy, Randy and furry boy Mad Maxx





March 14, 1989 - March 9, 2006
Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. 
Anatole France
And God asked the feline spirit, Are you ready to come home?
Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul, And as a cat, you know I am most able to decide anything for myself.
Are you coming then? asked God.
Soon, replied the whiskered angel, But I must come slowly, for my human friends are troubled. You see, they need me, quite certainly.
But don't they understand, asked God, That you will never leave them? That our souls are interwined for all eternity? That nothing is created or destroyed?
It just is - forever and ever and ever.
Eventually they will understand, replied the glorious cat, For I will whisper into their hearts that I am always with them.  I just am - forever and ever and ever. 
Author unknown
Jennifer, John and the Yoots - Kalli, Kendall, Gunnar & Custer




Mike was born March 18, 1969 and went to the Rainbow Bridge on April 19th, 1972. Mike was both sight and hearing impaired. 
He was a wonderful boy, but had the behavior or circling, and despite searching for help, no one knew what to do to help him. 
Unfortunately, the only advice that I was ever given, was to put him to sleep. Which much sadness,  I finally did.  "When a dog
passes on, there is an emptiness in our heart that will never be filled again in exactly the way it was. No matter how many dogs we
have over the years, each is unique, a Friend, and when they go away, our lives are changed forever in many small ways". 

You are so missed Mike, but always present in my heart . . .your unconditional love has never been forgotten. 
Thank God there are special organizations like Amazing Aussies to help these precious dogs now.

Thanks so much,






You were a wonderful girl and our home will be empty without your wigglebutt running up to give kisses
and snuggle as close as you could next to us.   We can only hope that we gave as much love and joy to you
as you gave us.  You touched everyone who met you and will live forever in our hearts.

Rest in peace Star baby until we meet again at the bridge....
run free, play in the pond, and chase whatever you like

Jim and Deana,
all of your foster brothers and sisters,
and your Amazing Aussies extended family

Star's Page



On September 23, 2003, I was fortunate enough to adopt a three month old bundle of love from Aussielads Rescue. From the first moment I laid eyes on him, it was love at first sight. Phoenix had a gentle, loving personality that never changed. Even when he grew into the 70 pound elegant gentleman, he still thought he was a lap dog. He loved his belly rubs, giving kisses and sleeping with mom. He definitely was a 'velcro' dog, and a very protective watch dog. No one got near his front court yard, or his Mom.  He passed very unexpectedly on Sunday October 30th. He will remain in our hearts forever, and will be greatly missed by his loving family, Mom , Renee', Human brothers, Zack and Caleb. His Aunt Johna. His canine sister, Sasha, and the three cats, he cohabitated with, and loved to chase, Tink, Chase, and Obagi.
Lorraine said to me that "he was too sweet for this earth, and now his job is to watch over us from above". We will see you on that rainbow bridge, our big beautiful boy...

2003  - 2005



 1991- 2005

With family Jinks is 3rd from the left 




Sydney was 14 yrs old and overcame a lot in her life.  She loved everyone she met and everyone loved her.  She had a very
special soul that I will greatly miss.  I know ALL dogs are special - but anyone who ever met Syd will agree that their truly was
something about her that was extra ordinary.  Although she was deaf - she heard better than most - she listened with her heart.




**Not an Angel**

The young pup and the older dog lay on shaded sweet grass watching
the reunions. Sometimes a man, sometimes a woman, sometimes a
whole family would approach the Rainbow Bridge, be greeted by
their loving pets and cross the bridge together.

The young pup playfully nipped at the older one. "Look! Something
wonderful is happening!" The older dog stood up and barked,
"Quickly. Get over to the path."

"Hey, But that's not my owner," whined the pup, but he did as he was told.

Thousands of pets surged forward as a figure in white walked on
the path toward the bridge. After the glowing figure passed each
animal, that animal bowed it's head in love and respect. The figure
finally approached the bridge, and was met by a menagerie of joyous
animals. Together, they all walked over the bridge and disappeared.

The young pup was still in awe. "Was that an angel?" he whispered.

"No, son." The older dog replied. "That was more than an angel.
That was a person who worked rescue."


If you would like to send a note to any of the above families, please address it here with the pet's name as the subject line and Amazing Aussies
will be certain to forward it on.  Thank you for taking the time to read about these special animals.

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