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Sociability with Dogs:  Good
Sociability with Cats:  Unknown
House Trained:  Partially
Details:  Blue Merle - Deaf, Vision Impaired
Born:  July, 2005

News From Foster Family:

Smudge is about 5 ˝ months old and is deaf and severely vision impaired.  Smudge has learned a lot since she has been in foster care.   She now knows what a door is and that you can go in and outside.   She knows there is a lawn she can run and play on and does not stay only on the cement walk.  She knows she is safe and warm and there is always food available.

We think Smudge was kept outside for the first 4 months of her life, probably on cement.  She now walks without cringing and has the house and yard mapped out.   She loves outside and loves to get in the water bucket and sit in it.   As a typical puppy, she runs and plays tug and keep-away with her sisters.  She will talk to you with a “Ba Woo-Woo” when she wants to play and when she wants you to hurry up with her food! 

She is learning some touch commands…she picked up “come forward” very quickly, but “sit” is taking a bit longer.   She is crate trained, but does not always agree she should be in the crate!   We are still working on housebreaking, though she does not mess her kennel and will wake you up to go potty in the morning.   We are also working on her jumping up, as she gets very excited about food.  She likes to be held and loves to be brushed.

My Ideal Companions:  

Smudge enjoys playing with her sisters, but she thinks big brother, Marco, is too rough and will get mad at him.   She would do best in a home where she has a companion to play with, and one that takes some time with her and will not be too rough.  They must be tolerant of puppy behavior and like to play tug!

My Perfect Home:  

Her ideal family will have to be committed to continuing to work with her commands and puppy behavior.   She will need to learn she can walk safely on a leash and that she is now safe and loved.   They will have to take time to help her continue to build her new-found confidence.

We believe her vision would be better if she had been taken care of in her first months.   It is hard to tell if the problem was from her being outside, or when she was lost, probably a combination of both.  Her forever home will have to continue with the care needed for her eyes throughout her lifetime.

Rescue History: 

Smudge was found stuck in a drain pipe near Whitman and brought to the west side Animal Care and Control by a man who found her and realized she could not see.

If you would like to make this wonderful baby a part of your home, please contact Lorraine for an adoption application


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