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Sociability with Dogs:  Poor
Sociability with Cats:  Fair
House Trained:  Yes
Details:  Blue Merle - Deaf, Blind
Born:  March, 2003

GRACIE is a two-year-old, double merle or lethal white, spayed, female Australian Shepherd. Gracie is both deaf and blind. Her right eye is so small that it is nearly non-existent; her left eye is visible, but she does not have any vision in it.  

Gracie came into a local shelter with several other dogs as part of a cruelty case several months ago. The shelter foster care volunteer has made great progress with her, and Gracie is now ready for a new home. We have been asked to take her and find that special home for her.

Gracie adores people and wants to be close at all times. She is a wonderful little lap dog, who loves to cuddle and give great kisses. She has been taught how to walk nicely on a leash, wait at doors and stairs, and use a doggie door when she needs to go outdoors.

Since she was born without sight and hearing, Gracie does not know that she is missing anything. She is not overly fearful and adapts quite well to new situations. Because of her disabilities, however, she is very nervous while confined in a crate and would prefer a home where she can be free to roam.

Gracie is not comfortable around large dogs. Although she does better with smaller dogs, she would prefer to be an only dog and get all of the lovin' herself.  She is fine with cats as long as they don't try to steal her food.  People can take her food, but she doesn't want to share with cats.

Gracie is extremely smart and is learning to sit when touched on the rear end and lie down when touched on the shoulders. There is no limit to the amount of things she can learn with the right, loving, patient owner.


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