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Sociability with Dogs:  Good
Sociability with Cats:  Unknown
House Trained:  Yes
Details:  Blue Merle - Deaf/Vision Impaired
Born:  January, 2002

News From My Foster Family:

Wrangler is settling in nicely now with her new canine friends, Rascal, Desi, and Moon. Wrangler had some very high anxiety moments upon arrival (she had traveled a long way, and had spent several months in a shelter in California). While initially very afraid and unsure of her surroundings, a constant schedule and lots of love have gone a long way in relieving the panic Wrangler seemed to be feeling upon arrival. She now appears secure enough in her new home with her new canine companions to spend most of the day romping and playing (with a few doggie naps in between). Wrangler's true personality has slowly started to emerge and she has started to smile again (literally, as this dog greats you each time you come home with a broad grin).  I don't know if she is totally deaf or can only hear some pitches. She doesn't respond when you call her, but sometimes I notice that she seems to be aware of a jet passing overhead when one of the louder jets pass over the back yard to land at the Scottsdale airport. I don't know if she is feeling the vibrations or what but I notice her perk up. She has a very small left eye, and I don't think she has any sight from that eye. She seems to have good vision from her right eye. She spots me coming out the door and the movements of the other dogs as long as we are in the vision line of that eye.

My Ideal Companions:  

Wrangler gets along well with livestock, and canine companions. She has shown no aggressive or dominant tendencies towards any of her new companions. She has a very easy going personality with everyone she meets including children. Cats are an unknown as her current foster home does not include any.

My Perfect Home:  

Wrangler's ideal home would include at least one other canine companion as she seems to crave the companionship of other dogs and seems very lonely when separated from them. She will need a lot of love and attention the first few weeks in her new home as she seemed very anxious upon arrival here after so many changes in her life. She will probably require about a two week period and a consistent schedule to adjust and feel secure in a new home. Wrangler is very loving and gentle with everyone she encounters including young children. Wrangler is able to navigate around an unfenced pool but, she will need a secure yard (block fence). At night, she has adjusted to sleeping on the back patio inside her dog kennel that is inside her dog run.

Rescue History: 

Wrangler came to us after spending a few months in a shelter located in a rural area in Norco, California.

If you would like to make this wonderful baby a part of your home, please contact Lorraine for an adoption application



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