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Sociability with Dogs:  Good
Sociability with Cats:  Good
House Trained:  Yes
Details:  Red Merle, Deaf & Vision Impaired
Born:  May, 2004

News From My Foster Family:

Shelby has settled into her life well. When first arriving Shelby had a difficult time with separation anxiety. She still does not like to be left but does not get as upset. She can and is left in an airline crate when we have to go somewhere. We leave her plenty of things to keep herself busy and when arriving back home she is usually fast asleep.

Shelby has a new trick she has started in the last couple days. She will bring you a tennis ball and try to convince anyone she can to take her out to play ball. We bring her out front where no one will steal the ball from her and throw it for her and she brings it right back. Another FAVORITE game is tugging she will bring a tug toy and toss it in a human face or doggy face to initiate a game of tug.

Shelby has an incredible herding instinct. She is learning not to jump on us as we run around. She does enjoy chasing the fast moving Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) around the backyard (unfortunately the JRT is not hot on the game) We do have cats and surprisingly she pays them no mind. We taught Shelby how to go through a agility tunnel. It did not take long for her to figure out just to run from one end to the other for a reward (treat). Shelby is food motivated and so has been easy to teach to sit. When treats are being distributed she is the first to be there sitting pretty waiting for a treat. It was difficult to take Shelby for a walk when she first came because she would pull and tug on the leash. She has worked into a nice running partner since that behavior has been overcome. Shelby is extremely happy to be with her human. She lays at anyone's feet who happens to be still.

My Ideal Companions

Ideal companion would be a dog with matching strong personality or one that does not mind being the beta dog.  If Shelby had a human companion that could spend time with her and would be willing to play tug or fetch I think she would be happy as an only dog.

My Perfect Home:  

Shelby's perfect home would be a understanding home that understands she is scared when left alone.  She would need a family with people in and out through out the day ideally.  Shelby has a strong herding instinct so fast moving objects attract her (cats, dogs, small children).  Shelby has a very sweet personality.

Rescue History: 

Shelby came to us from the AJ Human Society.  She was picked up off the streets as a stray.

If you would like to make this wonderful baby a part of your home, please contact Lorraine for an adoption application


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