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Sociability with Dogs:  Great
Sociability with Cats:  good
House Trained:  Yes
Details:  Blue Merle - Has hearing, Limited Vision
Born:  February 28, 2006

News From Foster Family:

Sheena is a pleasure to have.    As everyone in my household is deaf, it's certainly a change to have a dog that can actually hear me!     She has a great personality and loves to follow you or one of the other dogs around the yard.
Sheena does have some vision and is able to see a limited distance of about 4-5 feet.  She knows basic obedience commands.   Because Sheena can hear very well, some noises confuse her initially and she gets nervous.  A soothing voice is usually all it takes for her to feel better.

Sheena is crate trained,  housebroken, micro-chipped, spayed, and current on vaccinations.

My Ideal Companions:  

Sheena is a very friendly girl and would love to have other doggie playmates.  She has been with kitties too!

My Perfect Home:  

Sheena will need a fenced in yard.  She enjoys having a kiddie pool to play and splash in.  Sheena also likes to play "water hose" with you.

Rescue History: 

Sheena came to us as a result of an accidental breeding.  She had a great name of Chloe, but since we already have a Chloe in residence, we renamed her Sheena, which means God's gracious gift.  We thought that appropriate as she is an awesome puppy.    She then made the trip to Boise by airline as a carry on.  Thanks much to Diego's mom Karen for bringing her to us!   Sheena is now back in Arizona as her foster mom relocated once again.

If you would like to make this wonderful girl a part of your home, please contact Lorraine for an adoption application


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