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Sociability with Dogs:  Good
Sociability with Cats:  Unknown
House Trained:  Yes
Details:  Aussie/Staffordshire terrier  mix - Deaf, sight impaired
Born:  March, 2004

News From My Foster Family:

Lucky is quite the snuggler and loves to be cuddled with. He's first in line to greet you after returning home for work...always ready for some loving!  Lucky plays well with his foster siblings and has a medium activity level.  He enjoys lounging in the sun on a nice day.  Lucky is housebroken and crate trained.  He can be left home alone without any issues.

My Ideal Companions:  

Lucky loves to play with other dogs and has lots of energy, so his ideal companions are active humans and dogs.

My Perfect Home:  

Lucky's perfect home has at least one other dog and humans that are active. He loves to go for walks and would be the perfect hiking companion. Although he has not spent any time with kids, I think he would do very well with kids over toddler age because of his energy level. Lucky has one eye (the other never developed) which allows him to see pretty well.

Rescue History: 

Lucky was rescued when a little girl witnessed someone dumping him out of a car. For a long time he was terrified of going into cars, but has since outgrown this fear and now actually LOVES going for rides!

If you would like to make this wonderful baby a part of your home, please contact Lorraine for an adoption application




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