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Sociability with Dogs:  Must be only dog
Sociability with Cats:  Unknown
House Trained:  Yes with dog door
Details:  Red Merle - Deaf/Blind
Born:  November, 2004

News From My Foster Family:

Jason is blind and deaf, but learned how to use the dog door after only one demonstration.  Within 30 minutes, Jason had located the door and spent the next 2 hours just going in and out.  He is a cream-white with reddish-brown spots.  He is very loving, enjoys being brushed when you can get him to hold still, and his tail, what there is of it just goes crazy when you touch him.   Jason has learned where the fence is in his yard, so he knows how far he can run before there is something in his way and loves to run out the dog door and keep going.  He knows touch commands for sit, down and settle.  He gets a little anxious at meal time, because he can smell the food but isn't certain where it is.  With the help of the dog door, Jason has not had any in the house.   He is very good about not jumping up on people, but will try to get between your legs so he knows where you are.

My Ideal Companions:  

Jason would do best as an only dog.  He can be very food aggressive.    This agression can be triggered even he even thinks there is food/treats close by  Jason is a large dog so children under the age of 5 would not be recommended as they would likely get knocked over by accident.  Jason would also love to be in a home where there was someone around all day.

My Perfect Home:

Jason's perfect home would have a dog door so that he could go outside and enjoy nice days.  Because Jason is blind,  the yard would need to be fenced away from a pool to help keep him safe.

Rescue History: 

Jason was the first born of his litter and was turned into the Kingman Shelter on January 22, 2005.  Jason was rescued from the Kingman Shelter by HALT.  Thanks to Donna and HALT for fostering Jason until we could get him to the Phoenix Area.

If you would like to make this wonderful baby a part of your home, please contact Lorraine for an adoption application



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